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Dec 29, 2008 01:42 PM

Road trip recs STL to OKC via I-44

My family is doing a road trip from St. Louis to Orange County and wanted to get some ideas for quick tasty local fare that we can hit along the way. We're flexible if there are worthwhile stops along the way but here's our general plan.

1/1 (Holiday) St. Louis to Oklahoma City via I-44.
- Lunch near Springfield, MO
- Dinner near Tulsa or OKC

FYI, I've got posts in the Southwest and Texas forums too for those regions.

1/2 OKC to Flagstaff AZ via I-40 (long driving day so looking for quick places)
- Breakfast in OKC
- Lunch near Amarillo, TX
- Dinner near Albuquerque or Flagstoff
(Mary & Tito's Cafe perhaps, or Turquoise Room in Winslow, AZ?)

1/3 to OC via I-40 and I-15
- Breakfast near Flagstaff
- Lunch near Mohave Valley or Eastern CA

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  1. Hi-

    We have moved your post from the Elsewhere board to the Midwest board, you will also want to post a similar query on the Texas, Southwest and California boards where locals along your route will be able to see your query and help you out.

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      I wasn't sure if I should create duplicate threads in the different forums, but I will. Thanks.

    2. Not quite sure how this fits in your time line but we had some great onion burgers @ Johnnies Grill in El Reno just west of Oklahoma City. Grilled onions smashed into the hamburger as it cooks.
      We tried to see some of old Rt 66 and found the Snow Cap Drive In in Seligman Az to be entertaining although the food just sort of average.
      The first place we stopped in CA was an "In and Out"
      We also ate dinner at Mattina's in Kingman Az and it was pretty good although on the more expensive side.
      I wanted to eat at the Turquoise Room in Winslow but didn't. If I get back that way then I would for sure. We ate at a very forgettable Mexican place.

      1. Its before Springfield, but Missouri Hick in Cuba is very good. When I was at school in Rolla, I always had to bring their sauce home. El Rodeo in Roll has amazing enchiladas (get 2 chicken and 2 cheese). Alex's in Rolla has good thin crust pizza (coming from a Chicago style fan).

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          Thanks guys. I'm combing through the rest of the forums too for ideas... will let you know how things go.

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            Doh, since it's 1/1, lots of these places are closed. :(

        2. For breakfast in Oklahoma City find one of the many Jimmy's Egg locations. It is as good as any breakfast place I have been to. Beverly's on Norhtwest Expressway is decent for breakfast also, but not as good as Jimmy's Egg. Jimmy's Egg makes their own bread including rye and homemade white.

          Bigray in Ok

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            It depends how heavy you want your breakfast meal to be. Jimmy's Egg goes heavy on the grease (butter,lard, etc) and most of their dishes involve minimal seasoning. In other words, go if you are hungover and need the grease to settle the stomach, otherwise you may want to pass.
            But I agree the bread is very good, as long as you ask them to send it out unbuttered.

          2. Red Hot & Blue in Joplin is one place we try to stop at when we're driving through Joplin. They have excellent dry rubbed ribs and a fairly wide menu of southern style entrees. They aren't too far off Hwy 44, straight up Range Line Road.