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Dec 29, 2008 01:04 PM

Timothy Dean's in Baltimore?

Does anyone know if Timothy Dean's Bistro in Baltimore is open? I've called twice in the past week but no one has answered. I vaguely recall reading about some problems a year or so ago. I've eaten some memorable food there and hope it is still around.

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  1. I'm pretty sure it is closed. If you search the Dining @ Large blog on Baltimore Sun website, there might be definitive information there.

    1. He opened a place in National Harbor near DC and was supposed to turn his Baltimore place into a jazz club. This would have been last summer. Don't know if that ever happened, though.

      1. I know the restaurant is not open during the day...hard to reach anyone before 5. However, I just ate there around Aug/Sept..and yes, they did turn part of it into a jazz club of sorts, but the menu is still delicious. Not sure when the one in the National harbor is opening, but the one in Fells Point is definitely still open...try calling toward the evening

        1. Timothy Dean is still cooking but he changed the name in May to TD Lounge. Still great food but a new menu with most items under $20. They are only open Wednesday through Saturday nights, which is why no one seems to answer the phone during the day. They have a DJ every night after dinner.