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Dec 29, 2008 01:03 PM

ISO Woodchips

I need to find woodchips for smoking near the South End, I am also looking for slider rolls. Any suggestions?

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  1. Brookline Ice and Coal for all your woody needs.....

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    1. re: ScubaSteve

      Do they sell small batches? The website seems to suggest that they come in 50 Lbs. bags. do not need that much.

      1. re: ChickenBrocandZiti

        oh, i really don't know. i used to get a few 50 pounders at the start of every BBQ season. give them a call, they're very accomadating.

        but if your looking for small-ish amounts all my MarketBaskets carry something that looks like about a 2# bag.

    2. As Steve said, Brookline Ice and Coal should do. Otherwise, Home Depot and many hardware stores sell wood chips during the season, and may carry some over. You can always use the Internet-- Amazon, etc.

      1. Marty's in Newton sells them in small bags. I don't know if the Marty's in Allston has them.

        1. Home depot and Lowes have a surprisingly good availability

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          1. re: BostonCharles

            Most places like Home Depot and Lowes only have Hickory and Mesquite. I found lots of woods at Lamson and Davis Hardware in Malden, they had Cherry, Apple, Maple as well as the standard Hickory and Mesquite. I have also purchased woood chips and chunks at Bass Pro Shops (Foxboro or the Internet)

            1. re: sinned61

              Brookline Ice has bagged wood chips in smaller bags.
              I'd say they are around 2 or 3 lb bags.
              They have oak, apple, cherry and hickory that I know of, and the prices are much less than Bass Pro and Home Depot.

          2. I noticed when i was walking out of the enormous Marty's in Newton this evening that they had about half a dozen different kinds of wood chips in small bags. I noticed apple, cherry and pecan among others. I hope I remember this next spring when I get the Weber Bullet out of the basement.

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              1. re: AHan

                Damn right ;). My daughter was just commenting to me how when it snows, the first path shoveled is to the grill. I've actually got wood chips at TJ Maxx in the past.

                1. re: StevenL57

                  I did a tea-smoked turkey in the smoker last weekend. It was nice having the snow around to quickly cool off the grills.