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Dec 29, 2008 12:58 PM

Need retro appetizer ideas (recipes) for a themed New Year's Eve party.

Friends are having a retro cocktail party for new year's eve. Any ideas for appetizers that don't need to be cooked right before eating or can be just served warm, room temp (they have a ridiculously small kitchen). or cold? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Deviled eggs, celery stuffed with cream cheese mixed with onion soup or cheeze whiz, a homemade cheese ball.


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    1. re: Bazel

      I'm all over the "celery boats" and love the cheese ball idea (no pun intended!). Someone else has dibs on deviled eggs, although I have a feeling we may see more than one version. Cheese whiz - oh dear - my Mom made mac n cheese with that stuff. Thanks, Bazel.

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        Pigs in a blanket, deviled ham ....anything on a Ritz cracker....cheddar cheese..etc.
        Crudite with the ubiquitous Lipton's onion soup mix/sour cream dip.
        Cocktail peanuts/nuts. Port wine spreadable cheese in a crock.....

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          For a little twist on the celery boats, I really enjoyed this recipe: It's very subtle but tasty. I think I used a few dashes of Tapatio instead of cayenne, but same basic principle.

      2. This recipe is from the 1966 cookbook, "Cooking With Soup - A Campbell Cookbook".

        English Muffin Pronto Pizza

        1. How about the block of cream cheese covered with a jar of ??? whatever...I've seen that recipe bandied about and I do believe it may have originated somewhere from 'back in the day.' Of course, you serve it with Ritz crackers... I also have a recipe for Shrimp Mousse which I think is also quite retro if you'd like it.

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            Block o' cream cheese smothered in pepper jelly! One of my MIL's favorites. Managed to talk her out of it this Xmas. Yicky.

            1. re: gansu girl

              Thanks for the completion of the recipe! I knew I'd never eaten it nor have served it but I knew it was a retro recipe! Glad you were convincing enough!

          2. Chex Mix is turning 50 this year, I think, so that would be appropriate for the fiftes, sixties, seventies, and eighties! FriedClamFanatic posted this variation recently.

            "Spicy Chex Mix! Add a lot of red pepper, extra cashews and peanuts, Kix and Cheerios, potato sticks and Bugles. Double the amount of Worcestershire. A sure hit!"

            1. Swedish meatballs. You can reheat them easily or keep them in a small crock pot (slow cooker).

              If anyone has a fondu pot, that is very retro and you might be able to throw it together outside of the main kitchen activity.

              Cheeze whiz on ritz crackers with a spanish olive slice.