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Need retro appetizer ideas (recipes) for a themed New Year's Eve party.

Friends are having a retro cocktail party for new year's eve. Any ideas for appetizers that don't need to be cooked right before eating or can be just served warm, room temp (they have a ridiculously small kitchen). or cold? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Deviled eggs, celery stuffed with cream cheese mixed with onion soup or cheeze whiz, a homemade cheese ball.


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      I'm all over the "celery boats" and love the cheese ball idea (no pun intended!). Someone else has dibs on deviled eggs, although I have a feeling we may see more than one version. Cheese whiz - oh dear - my Mom made mac n cheese with that stuff. Thanks, Bazel.

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        Pigs in a blanket, deviled ham ....anything on a Ritz cracker....cheddar cheese..etc.
        Crudite with the ubiquitous Lipton's onion soup mix/sour cream dip.
        Cocktail peanuts/nuts. Port wine spreadable cheese in a crock.....

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          For a little twist on the celery boats, I really enjoyed this recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/cda/r... It's very subtle but tasty. I think I used a few dashes of Tapatio instead of cayenne, but same basic principle.

      2. This recipe is from the 1966 cookbook, "Cooking With Soup - A Campbell Cookbook".

        English Muffin Pronto Pizza

        1. How about the block of cream cheese covered with a jar of ??? whatever...I've seen that recipe bandied about and I do believe it may have originated somewhere from 'back in the day.' Of course, you serve it with Ritz crackers... I also have a recipe for Shrimp Mousse which I think is also quite retro if you'd like it.

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            Block o' cream cheese smothered in pepper jelly! One of my MIL's favorites. Managed to talk her out of it this Xmas. Yicky.

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              Thanks for the completion of the recipe! I knew I'd never eaten it nor have served it but I knew it was a retro recipe! Glad you were convincing enough!

          2. Chex Mix is turning 50 this year, I think, so that would be appropriate for the fiftes, sixties, seventies, and eighties! FriedClamFanatic posted this variation recently.

            "Spicy Chex Mix! Add a lot of red pepper, extra cashews and peanuts, Kix and Cheerios, potato sticks and Bugles. Double the amount of Worcestershire. A sure hit!"

            1. Swedish meatballs. You can reheat them easily or keep them in a small crock pot (slow cooker).

              If anyone has a fondu pot, that is very retro and you might be able to throw it together outside of the main kitchen activity.

              Cheeze whiz on ritz crackers with a spanish olive slice.

                1. Remember caviar pie? I don't have the recipe with me, but I recall my mother making this layered dip with sour cream, chopped hard cooked eggs, chopped onions, caviar, maybe something else. It is served cold with crackers for spreading or something to dip. Very retro.

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                    Are you my sibling? My mother used to make the exact same thing all the time. In fact, I think she still serves it to her friends! I've never even tasted it.

                  2. How about the proverbial seven-layer dip? It must be in the Retro Hall of Fame by now.

                    If anyone has the caviar pie recipe, I would love it. I used to have it (yes, I'm retro) and miss it.

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                      Couple of things come to mind;
                      Rumaki....my friend does a version without chicken livers, she uses pickled watermelon rind and water chestnuts.
                      Dried Beef smeared with cream cheese, rolled up and stuck to a grapefruit with a toothpick.
                      Cream cheese ball with Spanish olives rolled in torn up pieces of dried beef.
                      Marinated Mushrooms
                      Stuffed Mushrooms
                      Chili Con Queso...bring in a small crockpot
                      Baked Brie

                    2. In Maryland we did cocktail sauce on top of a cream cheese block with lump crab....on Ritz of course.

                      We also had these "lamb's eyes" (morbid name, I know)....bacon wrapped prunes (with a toothpick) broiled...you sprinkle them with cayenne before broiling for a little kick. REALLY tasty!

                      For the "Swedish" meatballs...we had a neighbor who make sweet-and-sour ones...one bag of frozen meatballs, one jar of Smucker's grape jelly, and one jar of Heinz Cocktail sauce in a crock pot.

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                        Don't laugh at the meatballs! As I write, I have these Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs cooking in the oven. These use cranberry sauce instead of grape jelly and I made this batch with ground chicken rather than beef for a change (not sure how it will come out but we will see). I make a big batch and freeze them in smaller portions. My kids love them for dinner with pasta!


                      2. Try <a href=http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/20...> from Pioneer Woman. Veeerrry retro and mid-20th century. Club crackers, sprinkled with canned "parmesan", wrapped in bacon and baked. I adore these appetizers, almost as much as I like dates wrapped in bacon.