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Dec 29, 2008 12:53 PM

Fryer's Delight, Holborn, London

A pretty solid fried cod - very moist fish, puffy batter, soft on the inside with a tiny bit of crisp on the outside. Satisfying chips, the thinnest crispy shell, then soft, almost puffy insides. Fairly clean tasting frying oil.

IMHO, The Golden Hind is still a notch up, in terms of technique - their batter is amazingly crispy, but this isn't a bad place by any means and a worthwhile meal.

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  1. I agree. This place was OK, but I prefer Rock and Sole because I like my fish a bit more crisp. Still haven't made it to Golden Hind, although it is on my list!

    1. I ate the Fryer's a couple of weeks ago and was really looking forward to it having been there several months before and had a decent piece of crisp fresh fish.

      How disappointed was I this time! The chips were OK but not that crisp and the fish (cod) tasted like it had a pancake wrapped around it so soggy was the batter and it had that awful slimy layer on the fish itself. I suspect it was a "re-heat" and I should have paid more attention whilst they were cooking it. I left in a foul mood and vowed to myself never to return there again.

      Rock and Sole was good the last time I went but not a patch the Masters - ask for the Masters special cod for a massive fillet and don't forget the pickled onions and gherkins. They do a weekday lunch special at Masters for £6.95 (i think) - 3 fresh prawns to start, fish, chips, onion, gherkin and tea..oh yes and bread. All nicely walked off by a stroll along the South Bank.

      The Golden Hind maintains high standards and the best thing (apart from the food) is it's a BYO.

      1. Is it the Fryer's that cook in beef fat?

        Never had a duff meal at Master's, IMHO the standard by which all (London) chippies should be judged.

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          That's what I have read - Fryer's use beef dripping (and Golden Hind do not)

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            The Fryers Delight was an infrequent lunchtime treat for my husband as he works nearby, however a couple of years ago he stopped going as he said it often tasted like the chips were re-fried from the day before and weren't at all fresh.

            They do cook in beef dripping - he asked them and they confirmed.

            I shall have to check out Masters and the Golden Hind - only ever tried the Rock n Sole in the list above - which was quite good - the best fish and chips I've tried in London was a place called Rockys that was near Croydon (they used to deliver) - they had fantastic fat chips and lovely crunchy batter on their fish!

        2. As ever, the best resource for chippie reviews is

          Scroll down to Food of the Gods on the left hand side.