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Dec 29, 2008 12:50 PM

Berkshires New Year's Day & Friday too?


I'm heading into town New Year's Day and Friday and will leave Saturday morning... I've made reservations for dinner at Zinc and Chez Nous.

I'm wondering of a good place to grab brunch on a Saturday before I head out - usually go to Dakota, but they are only open on Sunday's...

Also, any good lunch places - lighter, less expensive, potentially near the Clark Museum, or Jiminy Peak, as we plan to do both?

Any help would be great.


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  1. Hot tomatoes for lunch in Williamstown. I would cancel the reservation at Zinc and go to Brix or Rouge.

    1. Try Cafe Reva on Tyler St. in Pittsfield for brunch or lunch.

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        Cafe Reva has an excellent menu for both breakfast and lunch. The seating is limited so you may have a bit of a wait during the busy hours, but the wait will be well worth it.

      2. Xicohtencatl -- real Mexican not Tex-Mex -- on Stockbridge Rd. outside of Great Barrington is one of my favorite dinner places, although it would also be great for brunch...really good and very authentic. I would certainly choose it over Zinc for dinner (I'm not a fan of Zinc). Chez Nous is great!

        1. I am a big fan of Sabor in Pitt for dinner.

          You can't sit down in Hot Tomatoes, only take out, so I would opt for Helen's Place on Spring St. in WMST for a salad or sandwich. Jae's also has a cafe at the Clark. I've never eaten there but his other spots are reliable. If you are heading to Jiminy you can hit the Store at 5 Corners on route 43 for a good sandwich.

          I second Cafe Reva. They have this incredible polenta with eggs over easy, portobello mushroom, spinach and roasted red peppers and parm that's SOO good. YUM!

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            Jae's cafe (sit-down) at the Clark only operates in the summer months (and then it's variable in quality). Now they sell sandwiches, salads, cookies and coffee/tea/etc. to eat in the lobby. If you want something more substantial, Helen's Place in Williamstown is quirky and quite good. Over in North Adams (maybe 10 mins. from Williamstown) at MassMoCA, there is Cafe Latino, nuevo cucina, goooooood fish tacos. (It's part of the Mezze group.)
            I'll throw in a big boost for Brix for dinner. No reservations there, though.

            1. re: BerkshireTsarina

              A New Year's hi to Tsarina--I adore the fish tacos at Cafe Latino too, and was saddened when they took them off the dinner menu!

              1. re: mjoyous

                M, let's hope that's the last bad news of 2008. And that 2009 brings lots of good chow and good cheer to New England, and to all the hounds!

          2. Several posters here are right!
            Cancel at Zinc and try another place---it's that bad!!!!
            Brix,Rouge,Chez Nous are all great !