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Dec 29, 2008 12:42 PM

Deep Dish (not stuffed) near Midway?

Any dep dish pizza near Midway --or not too far away-- that is not the "stuffed" variety"? Have read the other posts but not familar with the area so not sure how far other faves are from Midway hotel area. Have tried Gordano's but was not crazy about the stufed crust.

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  1. The excellent Home Run Inn (not deep dish) is nearby. Lou Malnati's - classic deep dish - is about a 10-15 minute cab ride. Best to phone in your order, takes about half an hour to cook.

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    1. re: ferret

      Lou Malnati's is a good choice; too bad it's not closer. The closest location of Lou Malnati's, the one that ferret is referring to, is their Lawndale location at 3859 W. Ogden Avenue.

      Home Run Inn is your standard plain old thin crust pizza like you get anywhere in the U.S. Nothing worth raving about IMHO.

      Too bad you didn't like Giordano's - my personal favorite of all the Chicago deep-dish pizzas - since it's only half a mile from the main terminal building.

      1. re: nsxtasy

        I wouldn't exactly describe Home Run Inn pizza as 'your standard plain old thin crust pizza". The crust is thicker than most pizzerias, is chewy & crunchy at the same time, and has a wonderful flavor. Most of our friends & family members would take Home Run Inn over Giordano's any day. Home Run Inn has a great following in the Chicago area and there must be a reason for that!

        1. re: wineaux

          Regardless of your opinion of Home Run Inn pizza, it's thin crust pizza and is not what the OP is looking for. Let's respond to the OP's question and try to help with his/her search for deep-dish pizza near Midway.

          1. re: nsxtasy

            Louisa's Pizza & Pasta
            14025 Cicero Ave
            Crestwood, IL 60445-2150
            Phone: (708) 371-0950

            Excellent deep dish.

            1. re: uncartie

              Note that Crestwood is significantly further from Midway than Lawndale, where Lou Malnati's has a location (noted above). However, it's easier to get to via public transportation (rather than cab), since it's "just down the street" (by 10 miles) from Midway, so you can take the Pace #383 bus from Midway to get there ( ). Whereas you would have to take at least two buses and/or trains to get to Lawndale.

              There's also a Pizzeria Uno in Crestwood (at 4901 Cal-Sag Road, ) but my experience with Uno's locations other than the original two in downtown Chicago has been consistently negative. (I haven't been to the Crestwood location though.)

              1. re: nsxtasy

                I've never,ever,heard a good report about Uno's franchise locations. They taste nothing like the downtown original locations.

    2. I am frequently amazed at just how often Ricobene's‎ gets passed over in favor of the other Pizza chains in this city. And that's a shame too, in addition to having some of the best deep dish pizza in the city, Ricobene's‎ also has killer Italian beefs & is most famous for its amazing breaded steak sandwiches. A true Chicago original. The deep dish is wonderful, made in the tradition of a Gino's East, it has a great sausage and a thick butter-crust. Best of all if you are traveling alone they sell it by the slice!!

      The closest Ricobene's‎ is located just one Orange el stop away from Midway at 5160 S. Pulaski right in between Archer & 55th, so close in fact the a walk there (if it were nicer out) would be less than 2 miles.

      Skip the recs for any non-downtown Uno's, they are all part of a horrible chain called Uno's Chicago Bar & Grill, notice how they no longer mention the word pizza in their name (and for good reason).

      Malnattis is just OK and overhyped, I've never been impressed by them and I firmly believe that they have the WORST sausage in the business! If you do end up here, skip the sausage and pay the extra .75 cents for the Buttercrust upgrade, its worth it.

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      1. re: abf005

        I'll second Louisa's, it's closest to the original "deep-dish". But I have to say Palermo's on 95th Cicero is my absolute favorite. I could live on the deep dish cheese. Wish I had the recipe for the terrific sauce...

          1. re: carolwolniak

            Connie's is not near Midway at all; from the airport, it's past the Dan Ryan Expressway, almost all the way to downtown Chicago.

            Lou Malnati's in Lawndale is much, much closer to Midway, only about half as far away as Connie's. (And personally, I think the pizza at Malnati's is far better than Connie's, too.)

            1. re: nsxtasy

              Connie's is 17 minutes from Midway according to Mapquest. Less than 10 miles. Straight up Cicerco to Archer Ave, and turn right. Lou Malnati's is farther.

              I also agree, Connies is MUCH better than Giordano's.

              1. re: Bullit

                I would also highly agree that Connie's is far superior to Giordano's (we've tried both Connie's & Giordano's numerous locations). The only reason I hadn't suggested Connie's earlier is because we normally get the stuffed spinach, although the deep dish varieties are just as good.

                1. re: Bullit

                  >> Lou Malnati's is farther.

                  Absolutely NOT true. According to Mapquest, Connie's (2373 S. Archer Avenue) is 9.0 miles from 55th and Cicero, and Lou Malnati's (3859 W. Ogden Avenue) is 5.0 miles (13 minutes) from there.

                  We all have opinions on pizza, of course. IMO Giordano's is the best pizza in Chicago, Lou Malnati's is almost as good, and both are MUCH better than Connie's.

                  But no matter what your opinion is, geography can't be changed. Lou Malnati's is still closer to Midway than Connie's. (And Giordano's, at 6314 S. Cicero, is right next to the airport, much closer than either Malnati's or Connie's.)

              2. re: carolwolniak

                I completely forgot about Connie's...great idea!!