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Dec 29, 2008 12:38 PM

Best Greek takeout on the Danforth

Hi fellow chowhounds!
My friends and I are staying in new years and getting greek takeout. All I know is Mr. Greek for takeout, I know that there is better out there.
Any recommendations for good greek takeout?
Many thanks and happy new year!!

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  1. I really like the Asteria (not Astoria) just a few blocks east of Broadview with a blue and white sign. They have great food and is old school Greek.

    1. I'm not really a fan of greek food but I live close to the Danforth and I like Messini for their gyros.

      1. I've always been extremely happy with Astoria. In my opinion, they have one of the best (and biggest) souvlaki's in Greektown--I think they may put cinammon on it--either way, it's delicious. Also have a fantastic tzatziki, thick, creamy, and garlicky. I've done their take-out numerous times and they do a fabulous job. I love the fact that everything is in separate containers the hot with the hot etc. Anyway, I've been very pleased with the high quality.

        Go on their site and check them out: (the Greek music will put you in the mood....


        Mr. Greek has been one of the worst take-outs I've ever had. I think they have slipped big time in the quality department. It's basically the McDonald's of Greek food. Not a fan.

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          Second on the Astoria, the quality is impressive and the service was very attentive when we went. The only drawback I could see would be the portions being too large.

          Seriously though, their tzatziki and Greek salad are amazing.

        2. Hi!
          Thank you for your replies. As a child my father used to take us to Astoria and I remember it being fantastic, I will check it out!
          Thanks for all of the recommendations. Agreed re: Mr. Greek, not so good!

          1. I love the Greek salad at Kalyvia. Not crazy about their hummus. But the souvlaki is pretty yummy.