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Dec 29, 2008 12:25 PM

Dinner for 20 (BK)

I'm helping my girlfriend plan a dinner party for my her birthday. We're expecting about 20 people, and are looking to spend about $75-$90 per person, including drinks/tax/tip. Ideally, Italian or Mexican would be best (but not Rosa Mexicana style, something more authentic). South Brooklyn (Hieghts, BoCoCa, Slope, Ft Greene) would be better than W'Burg Brooklyn.

I've already tried the Stable @ Frankies, but their lowest package w/ food and drink is $82 before tax and tip.

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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  1. You could probably book out most of Caserta Vecchia on Smith St? It's reliably good Italian food. Lunetta (Italian too) is better but I'm not sure on the budget -- they do have a lot of small plates and maybe could create a menu for you to work within the budget. Also, Frankies, which is similar food to Lunetta. Good mexican is pretty hard to come by around here. Alma is the only place that comes to mind, but not sure on the budget.

    1. Po or Fragole would be a couple of Italian restaurants I’d recommend in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill. We’ve had good meals in both, however they both might be tight for 20 people. Queen in Brooklyn Heights is better, but they might be pricey. IMO Mexican in the area is average at best, good for a quick meal but nothing for a nice occasion. If you can do without Mexican or Italian I recommend Quercy which is a good French restaurant on Court Street. I’ve seen dinner party’s there before, their space is more then ample for 20 people and they do a prix fixe menu during the week. Whatever you choose, I would assume any of the four places mentioned would be able to work with you.

      1. The gorgeous basement wine cellar at Convivium Osteria. Spanish/Portuguese food. Very good. Prettiest room in Brooklyn, really. And seats a maximum of 24. Go check it out -- you'll love it.