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Dec 29, 2008 11:59 AM

Thoughts abt BOA Hollywood

I searched the of the Santa Monica location are mostly favorable, but I couldn't find much about the Hollywood location. Any thoughts or recent reviews?

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  1. No love there. I would eat elsewhere.

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    1. At its peak about 3-4 years ago, BOA Hollywood was a great place to go for a good steak, sides and cocktails (great lounge next door) but it's deteriorated quite a bit in the last few years. I think the huge sign announcing the move down the street for the last year or so doesn't help but the last few times I ate there, the quality of the meats and the produce seemed to have gone down severely. Service was still very good but I didn't feel like I got the value for what I was paying. I much prefer both Wolfgangs and Mastro's BH over BOA and I didn't feel that way 3-4 years ago.

      1. Thanks for all the replies...that doesn't sound too promising. I have a gift certificate to this group of restaurants (Boa, Sushi Roku, Katana) so was thinking to use it at Boa Hollywood on NYE since it's walking distince but from the responses seems liek I should pick one of the other restaurants in the group. Thanks again!

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          I vote for Boa SM for the gorgeous view or Katana for the people watching and the patio.

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            I'm taking your advice Extracheese and we are trying Boa in Santa Monica tonight...I'll report back with a review. Thanks for the suggestion!

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              Definitely let me know. I was there about 3 weeks ago and had the bone-in filet. Excellent. Ask for Greg the GM. He's a good guy.

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                Thanks for the reco...we really enjoyed Boa. The service was great, the view was nice and relaxing. We started with the delicious, super garlicy caesar salad, then split the rib eye + king crab legs (added surf to the entree). The king crab legs were espeically huge & juicy. Side dishes included sauteed spinach and potato gratin. We skipped dessert, but they brought complimentary perfect sized chocolate cake bites which was a perfect ending. Thanks again; it was a great choice!

        2. Just heard they are moving into a new 13,000 (!) square foot space in Hollywood. Flop alert?

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            They are moving to Beverly Hills at the building across from Blowfish. That's the sign I was referring to in my earlier post. They have been "moving for almost a year. It's going be interesting to see if it does succeed, especially in this economy.

            1. re: ExtraCheesePlease

              Today was reported they are moving to another location in Hollywood. See pics attached.