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Dec 29, 2008 11:31 AM

Drinks around Union Square?

What's a good place to go with a group of about 8 people for nice drinks (but not too pricey) after work near Union Square?

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  1. the w hotel (oliveS)
    flatiroin lounge

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    1. Craftbar - incredible drinks and great bartenders. Offer some nice "snacks" on the menu.

      1. Redhead. Some great cocktails, at even better price point - $9.

        Also the Blue Owl has good happy hour.

        1. I second Olives.. very work appropriate.. Blue Owl is a little southeast of U. Square but they have GREAT cocktails, especially martinis, and it's a little more intimate of a scene. I may get some backlash from this but Sidebar (although technically a sports bar) around 15th and 3rd has a separate restaurant section with drinks and great food - it's fun and nice but not overly upscale - depends what you are looking for.

          The front section of Haru or Japonais are both also nice for drinks (their lychee martinis are delicious) after work.

          1. You can go to House for a few nice glasses of wine, but Blue Owl is probably the best bang for your buck. Even after happy hour I don't remember it being too ridiculously expensive.