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Dec 29, 2008 10:53 AM

Hey Dom...What gives?

Yes, a Difara post.
Went this past Sat at opening time.
Wanted a square pie. One came out right away but Dom wanted to slice it up.
I am still fascinated by the desire for and lack of value of buying by the slice.
Especially since most people ain't getting just one. That, I guess, I could see.
Of course, when you have your roadmaps out and a thick Southern drawl, I shouldn't be too surprised.
Though plenty of locals go that way, also.

Actually, even though I had to wait awhile for the next square pie, probably was a good thing. First one that came out was def too burnt and really oily. Give it to the masses.
Now, we have heard all the word about inconsistencies becoming somewhat more prevalent.
My pie, was not the best I have had. A little bit short on the cheese but not glaring.
However, I saw one or two other pies being made that were definitely WAY skimpy with the cheese. Mine could be chalked up to the fact that nothing is measure, fine. But the other case, no. Whoever got that pie got ripped off. The most expensive ingredient is barely there. That is not cool. So, maybe it was an off day or case but since I have heard this recently from others, maybe not.
Again, rest of my pie was proper and most of the other pies looked fine(in terms of cooking time) and probably OK from ingredient quantities.
Anyway, just saying. Here is to hoping I get the healthy portion next time.

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  1. Sometimes he adds cheese in the middle of the cooking process, sometimes he doesn't. One reason people eat there is the site of someone who has been doing the same thing every day for decades, yet approaches each pie as if it is his first first day on the job and he is working off instructions he memorized.

    1. Is it just me or has the whole buffalo mozzarella per round pie completely disappeared? The squares still get one, but not the round. There was definitely a time when he did this!

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      1. re: JFores

        You know, I specifically saw him do that this last time once that I saw and was paying attention but I believe it was a square. Not totally sure.

        1. re: JFores

          I have been looking out for this ever since you (and others) reported it here. I never get the round, so I cannot say. I don't even look at it. The square seems exactly the same, and buffalo mozzarella is abundant upon it. I have not seen this so-called decline, but I do get bum slices every so often. But then again, that was always the case. Nothing new.