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Dec 29, 2008 09:58 AM

New Stephanie's in SE and New Paparazzi in Back Bay?

Anyone know the status of the new Stephanie's that was planning on opening in The Garden of Eden location and the Paparazzi that was to open where TGIFs was?

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  1. Not sure when either is opening but the TGIF spot is going to be a Joe's American Bar & Grill not papparazzi.

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    1. re: mats77

      Hmmm, really. A friend of mine that works on that block told me Paparazzi was moving. So Joe's will move or will it be an additional location?

    2. It's been reported since this time last year that Paparazzi was moving into that space, but maybe Charlie changed his mind.

      Not sure why Joe's would move a block down and no one needs 2 Joes within yards of each other.

      1. Stefi's was still being actively remodeled (major gut job) as recently as a few weeks ago.

        Whatever is going into the former TGIF space will be a Back Bay Restaurant Group outlet, something casual-dining-chainy with a full liquor license. Last I heard it was a relocation of the Dartmouth Street Papa Razzi (no idea what would happen to the vacated space). Any way you slice it, not a destination.

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          This isn't where I orginally read it but I knew it had something to with the lease of the property on Dartmouth and Newbury:

        2. Stephanie's new restaurant is scheduled to open in March.

          1. Have never been a big fan of the food at Stephanie's in the BB. It will be nice to see something go into the former TGIF space eather than see ot vacant (although not a fan of Paparazzi either)........don't mean to sound negative!!