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Dec 29, 2008 09:56 AM

Thoughts on "The Lazy Goat" - Greenville SC

Went there this past weekend. Thought the tapas was nice and flavorful. Some was traditional fare, some wasn't. Really liked the moraccan lamb dish and the grilled calamari. One complaint was the cocktail size, but b/c we were in SC I think I know why. Anyone been here?

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  1. I have not been to The Lazy Goat but have had friends tell me they enjoyed it because of the fresh ingredients...seems more and more places around town are pushing that as a theme.
    As far as the cocktails go, know you are in SC when you pay a big price and get very little. Until recently we were a "little airline bottle" cocktail nation! Now it is free pour but they still don't get that you don't have to charge for each little bottle! My friends and I usually have one or two before going out in order to save $$$ Having grown up not far outside of New Orleans it is not easy to get used to the drink situation here. But it is a beautiful spot and I can work around the drink thing.

    1. I took a group there for my husband's birthday party. We loved it, but won't be going back anytime soon due only to the unbelievable noise level (we went on Sat. night). We had to LITERALLY yell at the people on the other side of the table to be heard. They were packed! i enjoyed the lamb and the calamari and the little ice cream cones, too. Personally, I don't mind the amount of food even when compared to the price because most places (even at home) are out of control on portion sizes. I remind myself that it's about enjoying the food: not getting so much I can't eat it all or have to take half of it home. Thinking about it, I might just head back over there during the week and hope its not so busy, but it seems to me that we Greenville folks love to eat out ANY night of the week! Any recommendations on best day/time to visit for a quiet meal?

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        I had dinner there last Saturday, and the dining room was half-empty at 6:30. The food was very good. (The fried goat cheese with honey was my favorite.) I'm not sure why my husband and I wrote it off after our first visit so long ago. The service was disappointing, though. We were somehow ignored for 20 minutes, but after flagging a waitress down, the rest of the evening went smoothly.

        In general, the earlier in the week it is, the quieter restaurants are. Plus, Lazy Goat has Monday - Wednesday lunch deals posted on their website.