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Dec 29, 2008 09:53 AM

nice, fun moderately priced restaurant near Webster Hall

I'm looking for a nice, fun moderately priced restaurant near Webster Hall ( 125 E. 11th St). No attitudes... just good food. Any cuisine is ok. 1 in our party is on a Gluten Free diet. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. The Smith? Apiary? Zabb City?

    1. village yokocho for korean barbecue could be fun. or cafe mogador for moroccan. both are at st. mark's place, have gluten free options, and are doable for $20 / person or less. (i don't know if the restaurants are safe for celiacs, however, given the danger of soy sauce and couscous cross contamination.)

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        I'm pretty familiar with the GF diet as I was on it myself for two years. IMO most places can make dishes GF. The Village Pourhouse, which is right across the street from Webster Hall has GF beer if you want to stop in for a drink and since the bartender there is Celiac, they might have knowledge of GF food (not sure if you want a bar atmosphere though). Caracas on E 7th bet. 1st and A is almost entirely GF, super cheap and delish. There's a restaurant called Grafetti in the East Village, which I heard is very GF friendly (not sure of the exact locale though).