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Dec 29, 2008 09:26 AM

inexpensive crab

Hi all,

I'm looking to have relatively inexpensive dinner in San Francisco that has good crab on the menu. Anything out there for maybe $25/person?


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  1. PPQ Dungeness Island does a set menu for 2 for around $50 (check for the current price). You'd have to split one crab though.

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    1. re: DezzerSF

      I think PPQ might be the only place that comes in around $25 per that you can sit down. The set menu also comes with 2-3 other items, garlic noodles, chicken salad and sizzling pork and dessert. It's a lot of food and a good value.

    2. A surprising place, to us, is an AYCE place in Daly City. Moon Star? (next to Koi) Went couple months ago. Ginger & scallion stir fried prep. FRESH over all, but did find a few pieces that past the prime (<1%). We just left them on the plate. Did not pay, but pretty sure it's under $25 pp. Bonus: if you get tired of Dungeness, Alaska King crabs, steamed, are also available. Veggies and salads are generally fresh, a consequence of fast turnover?