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Picky-eater friendly in Rockville, N. Bethesda?

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I'm new to the area, and looking for a restaurant for a family dinner in Rockville, North Bethesda or Wheaton. I'd like to find somewhere with a nice atmosphere, not too expensive (under $25 entrees), and where my picky-eater sister can find something (her general rule is that she'll eat anything that's golden brown- vegatables are bad, plain meat dishes or pastas are ok). Italian and "American" cuisines are usually safe, and she can usually find something at a Chinese restaurant. I'd love to try out La Canela in Rockville, but I'm not sure if she'll be able to find something there. Any suggestions of where we can get good food, but still feed my sister?

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  1. Timpano's Chop House in Rockville
    Houston's in Rockville
    Gordon Biersch in Rockville town center

    1. La Canela might be okay... milanesa (basically breaded chicken) and various meat dishes might fit her tastes.

      1. Clydes at Tower Oaks

        1. Bucca Di Beppo on the Rockville/Gaithersburg border might fit the bill. Plenty of options, gargantuan portions, lots of pasta dishes, and lots of stuff that's golden brown and delicious.

          1. I second the Houston's suggestion. Good American cuisine. Even the pickiest diner can find something on the menu. Steak, fish, burgers, chicken, vegetarian dishes as well.

            1. I really like La Canela, but I would not take a picky eater there...save that for another time.

              If she likes Italian, I think a place where you could both be happy would be Il Pizzico in Rockville. Good Italian food, reasonably priced, nice atmosphere and good service. Just so you know, they're located in an ugly strip mall on Rockville Pike but don't let that fool you, the interior is very nice. They don't take reservations, which used to mean a long wait at prime time. However, since the economy tanked it's been a lot easier to get a table without waiting. http://www.ilpizzico.com/home.htm

              If that doesn't appeal to you, then I think your other best bet is Pappy's suggestion of Tower Oaks Lodge in Rockville. It's part of the Clyde's chain and guaranteed to have plenty that will appeal to a picky eater. Kind of a fun interior as well: think Adirondack Great Camp meets Disney. You can almost imagine that you're dining in the shadow of the High Peaks. http://www.clydes.com/main/Restaurant...