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Dec 29, 2008 09:14 AM

Best deli EGG SALAD (preferably UES/UWS)?

Not an egg-salad sandwich -- just egg salad: fresh, deliciously seasoned, and ideally at less than $6 per pound. Thanks!

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  1. I rather like the egg salad at Fairway.

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    1. re: JungMann

      Second this, from the deli counter, not the food cases. I think they add dill and something else that makes it perfect

      1. re: msny98

        Thanks -- I'll definitely try Fairway and report back.

        Meanwhile, a couple I ate in the past 24 hours: Zabar's at $9.99/lb. is relatively fresh (though pre-packaged, not available from the deli counter) but its taste is too purist, as it contains only eggs, (not particularly flavorful) mayonnaise, and salt.

        Fresh Direct's at $6.99/lb. has a nice vinegary tang, assisted by bits of scallion, but the eggs are too hard-boiled -- or perhaps just a tad past freshness -- and lack the tenderness to render a creamy salad.

        1. re: sequins

          I love the Zabar's egg salad for exactly the reason that sequins does not!

          1. re: alc

            my mother *loves* that Zabar's egg salad (with some freshly ground pepper on it)...whereas i just take one look at all that mayo and start gagging. to each her own!

    2. I like the egg salad at Todaro Brothers 2nd and 31st. They have a really amazing chicken salad too...

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      1. re: eameyer

        Thanks -- will keep this in mind when I'm next in that neighborhood!

      2. I close my eyes to the price whenever I buy it..... but Eli has good egg salad. Also, if you're near 86th and York... Bagel Bob's isn't too bad (and about 1 /10th the price of Eli's.)

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          And next door to Bagel Bob's is the Mansion Diner on the corner of 86th & York. So far this is my favorite egg salad and you can get a serving to go. It's made without celery, the egg salad killer.

        2. Sables on 2nd between 77th and 78th.

          1. Egg salad at Murrays - 90th and Bway - is great. For a change, try the spinach egg salad.