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Best deli EGG SALAD (preferably UES/UWS)?

Not an egg-salad sandwich -- just egg salad: fresh, deliciously seasoned, and ideally at less than $6 per pound. Thanks!

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  1. I rather like the egg salad at Fairway.

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      Second this, from the deli counter, not the food cases. I think they add dill and something else that makes it perfect

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        Thanks -- I'll definitely try Fairway and report back.

        Meanwhile, a couple I ate in the past 24 hours: Zabar's at $9.99/lb. is relatively fresh (though pre-packaged, not available from the deli counter) but its taste is too purist, as it contains only eggs, (not particularly flavorful) mayonnaise, and salt.

        Fresh Direct's at $6.99/lb. has a nice vinegary tang, assisted by bits of scallion, but the eggs are too hard-boiled -- or perhaps just a tad past freshness -- and lack the tenderness to render a creamy salad.

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          I love the Zabar's egg salad for exactly the reason that sequins does not!

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            my mother *loves* that Zabar's egg salad (with some freshly ground pepper on it)...whereas i just take one look at all that mayo and start gagging. to each her own!

    2. I like the egg salad at Todaro Brothers 2nd and 31st. They have a really amazing chicken salad too...

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        Thanks -- will keep this in mind when I'm next in that neighborhood!

      2. I close my eyes to the price whenever I buy it..... but Eli has good egg salad. Also, if you're near 86th and York... Bagel Bob's isn't too bad (and about 1 /10th the price of Eli's.)

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          And next door to Bagel Bob's is the Mansion Diner on the corner of 86th & York. So far this is my favorite egg salad and you can get a serving to go. It's made without celery, the egg salad killer.

        2. Sables on 2nd between 77th and 78th.

          1. Egg salad at Murrays - 90th and Bway - is great. For a change, try the spinach egg salad.

            1. Not in your preferred area, but for something delicious and different than your typical egg salad, try Lamazou on 27th and 3rd. They mix in Roquefort cheese. Yum!

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                I agree. I think Lamazou's is the best egg salad in the city. Its amazing!

              2. I love the egg salad at pick a bagel.

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                  Hmm... I keep underestimating that place for no reason. There's one just 'round the corner from me so I'll give it a go.

                  Also - please keep all suggestions coming. I will try as many of your suggestions as possible and (for the sake of any other egg-salad devotees) post back over the next weeks!

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                    now that you mention it, when my sis lived on the UES she loved the egg salad from the Pick-A-Bagel location at 77th & Lex.

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                      Just had some from this Pick-A-Bagel. At $10 a pound it was pricey, and the ingredients seem quite plain really, but somehow the subdued saltiness, the amount of time it was aired / had aged throughout the day (hopefully not much longer), and generous yolk-to-white ratio made for quite a satisfying egg salad. No doubt it'd taste even better on (could benefit from the enhancing powers of?) a toasted bagel.

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                        those types of mayonnaise-based salads - egg, tuna, whitefish, salmon, chicken - are *always* better on a good, toasted bagel. something about the contrast of the creaminess with that toasted flavor & crunch.

                        but i'm also in agreement with PAULSCOHEN - i prefer homemade whenever possible. and $10/lb is WAY too much to pay for hard-cooked eggs & mayo, particularly if it doesn't knock your socks off.

                  2. hi sequins, egg salad is so easy to make. you should try making it yoourself at home. ggently simmer eggs for6-7 min. remove from shell add desired amount of mayo, s&p celery ,dill or red pepper. make a batch, store in fridge up to 4 days. better than fairways ,zabars and anywhere else

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                      You are so right. I really should supply myself endlessly with the stuff -- and will try / have tried now and then. Just hoping to find a supplier more reliable than myself for the lazy times....

                    2. The Market Deli at 74th and 1st. Ave. sells a very plain, but very fresh, mayo-based egg salad that's mostly halved eggs. I like it 'cause I can mush it and season it to my own specs. They also have a great shrimp salad there that is the only thing I've ever liked that uses (audible shudder) Krab.