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Restaurants with Salad Bars?

Once quite common, the sit down restaurant with a salad bar has become a rare commodity. But I have to say it is the one thing that draws my family in and keeps us coming back. Can anyone recommend any in New England? We are getting tired of Ruby Tuesdays!

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  1. I can only think of chain restaurants with that feature, like Ruby Tuesdays and Dakota. I do recall many restaurants back in the day having salad bars.

    1. Have you ever tried Fresh City? It's a Boston-based franchise chain that features a huge salad bar as well as made-to-order hot foods. Used to have lunch there frequently when I worked in Warwick, RI. Not much atmosphere, but good value.
      Alas, It looks like the Warwick location is out of business

      1. There are still plenty of salad bars around in "family" type independently owned restaurants in New England, but most of them are pretty boring or icky IMHO.

        The only really good one I know of is at Warren's seafood restaurant in Kittery, Maine, on Route 1 just over the bridge from Portsmouth, N.H. The veg are very fresh and restocked often, and they also offer interesting prepared foods, bread, cheeses and crackers.

        If you're not too picky, I've also seen salad bars at The Rustic Oak in North Haven, Conn., Chuck's Steakhouses in Conn. and at Fire & Ice in Middlebury Vt.

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          Adding to shoes' comments, Fire and Ice also located in Providence and Boston both have nice salad compliments to their raw meat bar.

        2. I have not been, but I have heard that The Steak Loft in Mystic CT has a great salad bar.

          1. If you could pin down your area of interest it would be more helpful to you. New England is a pretty large area. In central and southern Ct there are lots of salad bars but I doubt if they are of interest to you if you aren't located in this area.

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              We live in southern Connecticut, but travel frequently to Rhode Island and the greater Boston area. Anything EAST of the I-91 corridor would be of interest. thanks!

            2. I am also always on the lookout for a good salad bar, but in this area, Seacoast, they are rare. Warren's, as mentioned by a prior entry, is good. I also discovered a smaller version in a family restaurant in Salisbury, Ma called "The Hungry Traveler" and I have to say there food is good. I believe Stripers in Newburyport has one as well.

              1. Try The Smithy on Route 25 (Main Street) in Monroe, CT. It's pretty basic grilled and baked meat and fish. The meat they buy is high quality, and burgers are ground fresh from the steak trimmings. It's been run by the same family for decades (I can't remember exactly when it opened, but I want to say mid-70's) and, while the specials show some innovation since then, the menu has changed little in that time. Dinner includes the salad bar (always very fresh), cheese (they rotate a selection of a dozen or so cheeses, with one or two out on the cheese block each night), and fresh bread. Prices are comparable to a place like Ruby Tuesdays, and everything is much higher quality. It might be exactly what you're looking for.

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                  Chucks Steak House has salad bars,as does the Rustic Oak in North Haven CT

                2. Dandylion Green accross from the Burlington Mall just off Rt 128/I95 has an excellent salad bar.