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Dec 29, 2008 09:02 AM

Butcher Recommendations in Philly/S. Jersey

I live in Haddonfield, NJ and am looking for a knowledgeable, friendly butcher in South Jersey or the Philadelphia area. My husband and I love to cook and have recently been trying to explore new types of meats, cuts of meat and have found our current butcher to be less than helpful when it comes to answering questions or providing recommendations. We’d be willing to drive 30, maybe even 45 minutes for someone good! I’d also be open to suggestions for year-round farmers markets or local farms.

Thanks for any recommendations you can provide.

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  1. Can't help you with S Jersey but in Phila the Reading Terminal Market has several good butchers (walk around and chat on a non-saturday) and there is also the Fair food Farmstand which sells local produce, dairy and meats - they provide the venue for farmers to sell there products and all are labeled with the farm they are from. The Italian Market/9th Street Market also has several butchers, but I prefer RTM most days - although I love Sonny D'Angelo on 9th, friendly isn't his demeanor!

    1. Have you tried Arnie's in Cherry Hill. In the Centrum Shopping Center on 561, across from Winner Ford. I've been going there for years and really like Arnie. He's always helpful, but sometimes he has some help there that isn't overly friendly. Very good meat and prepared products, though not cheap.
      Someone here recommends Bringhurst meats in Berlin. I haven't been, but their website shows very competitve pricing There is also a pork store in Mickleton that people rave about; sorry I cannot remember the name.
      Another store that is worth the trip, imo, is the German Butcher shop in the NE called Riekers. I'll second D'Angelos and the sourpuss service as well!

      1. I always go to a butcher in Sergeantsville NJ called Maresca & Sons Fine Meats (not really south jersey but Philly area). They're fantastic, but only open Wed-Sat. Written up in NYT:

        1. just over the Walt Whitman Bridge is Lombardi's Prime Meats on Packer Ave at 18th St. Excellent quality, friendly and knowledgeable people behind the counter...

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            Thanks for reminding me about Lombardi's. They're fantastic. I went there a few years ago for marrow bones. They had them all sawed up for me when I got there. And the price couldn't be beat: free! I doubt they always just give them away, especially now that one can find marrow on many menus around town, but it certainly made my day.

            I need to swing by there soon and give them some business. The meat looked fantastic as well.

          2. Butcher's Block in Westmont on Haddon Ave. is close. He doesn't usually have a lot of variety beyond standard chicken/pork/beef. When I've asked for other things he usually says he can order it.
            Also, second the Reading Terminal Market. At least three IIRC