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Dec 29, 2008 09:00 AM

Looking for a GREEK tapas place

Looking for a GREEK tapas place in Manhattan.. Must have a bar.

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  1. Snack on Thompson in SoHo might fit your bill. They're beer and wine only though. But the do serve a variety of meze. It's a tiny place.

    1. Pylos on East 7th is probably the best Greek restaurant I have ever been to. It is not strictly a tapas place (aka ouzerie or ouzaria) but it does have a nice bar and an excellent selection of small plates and Greek wines.

      There is also Uncle Nick's Ouzaria on 9th Ave. in Hell's Kitchen.

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        2d the Pylos rec. Their appetizers are great.

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          Thank to you all.
          I was told about a place that offers a drink with each small plate...(or visa versa)

        2. Related to Snack (same owners), but larger in size, is Snack Taverna on Bedford Street. While not strictly small plates, there are plenty there to choose from. I believe they have a full bar.

          1. uncle nick's ouzeria on 9th ave in the upper 40's or lower 50's'

            the octopus was a bit mushy everything else great

            1. kefi on the uws has an extensive selection of small plates, a decent wine list + a smaller selection of liquors.

              snack taverna and pylos are also great suggestions, with pylos boasting the larger tapas menu. i don't know if they've remedied this problem, but in the past, snack taverna used to serve its red wines far too warm.

              in terms of quality of food, kefi and pylos are about equal. both are a bit better than snack taverna, IMO.

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                I find Kefi consistently better, and it's half as cheap - or was before the recent move, anyway.