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Dec 29, 2008 08:41 AM

Cooking/Dinner Clubs - Saratoga

I would like to find (or start) a cooking/dinner club in the Malta/Ballston Lake (Saratoga County) vicinity. I'd appreciate any suggestions on existing clubs/how to locate clubs. I will also check to see if there are any Cooking Light magazine supper clubs in the area (I belong to a NYC supper club but have not been able to attend lately since I've been spending most weekends Upstate). Thanks for your help. fdr

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  1. Jack and I are in Schenectady, but we'd be interested, either for dining out or cooking.

    This is the only group I know - great people, we just can't seem to make it often enough:

    I just took a look and Renee seems to be in the process of redoing the site. But it is active - they just had a brunch event and will be partcipating in the national soup swap on 1/24.

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