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Dec 29, 2008 08:17 AM


Decided on Terroni's on Balmoral for a pre-play dinner. This was our first time, and I must say we were somewhat disappointed. Service was somewhat indifferent, food was mediocre at best, and the cost did not reflect a good value for your money. We both had the soup of the day, a fennel based cream soup, parmesan, sausage, and truffle oil pizza followed by a shared buccatini pasta in a tomato base. Pizza was room temp, as well the soup. The portion size of the pasta was more suited to an appetizer. Even though we shared it, portion size from table to table seemed to vary.
Looking for a dining experience that leaves me full, content ,and wanting to return. I did not leave Terroni feeling any of the above.


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  1. I find the worse of the Teronni's in TO is this Yonge/St Clair one and, to be fair, not all Terronis are created equal. The ones on Queen St. W. and Adelaide are much better. You'd think they would be consistent but they're not.

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      Actually, I just had an awful experience at the Terroni's on Queen St W. The service was slow and reeked of attitude, and small requests like an extra glass or side plate went unheeded for about 20 minutes. Most of us ordered pasta dishes, and when the waitress finally arrived to offer us parmesan cheese on the pasta, she announced that she could give it to any of us except the person who had ordered seafood pasta, because it doesn't go with seafood. The person looked at the waitress incredulously and said, "well, what if I want some anyways?" To which the waitress replied: "It doesn't matter, I can't give it to you." and stalked off. Needless to say, we were a bit flabbergasted - we are the ones paying for lunch!! Apparently the owner gets angry if the dish gets spoiled by parmesan cheese if it isn't meant to have it.
      I have never been in a restaurant with such horrid customer service.

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        Welcom to Terroni world... that is a company policy.. they will not even do substitutions if you have food allergies... they will just say order something else...