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Dec 29, 2008 08:12 AM

Best places to order booze online?

On a recent trip to NYC, I fell in love with the Italian liquor Amaro. Living in Idaho, I can't find it anywhere (well, the liquor stores are state-owned). What's the most affordable place to order it online? I'm also interested in hearing if it's worth it to order and ship things like Absinthe. Thanks!

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  1. I've shopped with Sam's Wine with good success.

    Can you clarify what you mean by "worth it to order and ship things like Absinthe"? Here in CO I can get a wide range of Absinthe in my local liquor store. Is that not the case in Idaho?

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      Thanks! I'm wondering if there are any discounters with good prices. We have about 3 types of Absinthe in our local stores, not much else.

    2. Have you checked here:

      I did a search in the category price book and found Averna and Ramazzotti listed for amaros as well as Lucid and what looks like the new Pernod absinthe.

      Living in California, I don't have personal experience with state-run liquor stores. Aren't the individual stores supposed to, if not carry, at least be able to order what is listed in the price book for people?

      1. Binny's is also good. As for your interest in absinthe, make sure you're a fan of anise (black licorice) before you go through the trouble and expense of ordering a bottle.

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          I live in NYC and use Binneys. Even with shipping, it's often cheaper than NYC prices. Their selection is great, their service, true Midwestern, nice, decent and honest. Sam's ain't bad either. I'd almost move to Chitown for either.

        2. Violet22
          Living in one of the most conservative states in the nation SC, and from what I read and hear about Idaho you might disagree with me on which state is the most conservative. Be sure and see if you can have spirits shipped into your state. There are several W. Coast gins that I would love to try but cannot get them shipped down South

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            I don't think conservative has anything to do with it. Here in liberal MA it's nearly impossible to get anything shipped in as well. Supposedly the issue is that kids might go online and order up some booze -- yeah, right! As if this underage drinker is going to get his or her parents' credit card, wait days for delivery, etc, rather than simply figuring out some way to locally procure the stuff? I think the real issue at hand is lining the pockets of distributors. Really a sad situation for those of us who want to bring in spirits and wine selections that are simply not available locally. Further compounded by the terrible (and, IMO, totally useless) liquid restrictions on airplanes, so I can't even bring anything back when I go on a trip without worrying the whole time that the bottle is going to shatter in my bags...

            1. re: Wienerhound

              If you look online you WILL find a company that will ship to you. Those that will ship will probably state that they turn over the product to you in their state then provide shipping for you

              1. re: quazi

                Any hints? I've tried probably 6-7 sites with no luck...

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                  I live in MA, and have had stuff shipped to me before (sorry Davis Sq Pro, I can't remember any specifics). In those cases it has always been of the "we don't take responsibility if the po-po confiscate your goodies" variety from the company. Note that these were all from overseas though

              2. The physical store front for isn't too far from me. Their online prices don't seem to be huge bargains but the selection is reasonable and the staff has always been relatively helpful.