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Dec 29, 2008 08:10 AM

Beer and Chocolate

Does anyone else like the combination of a good chocolate bar and a beer?
Once an a while I'd have a Toblerone and accompany it with a beer, or vice a versa.
Was wondering if this is abherant or is there some affinity with beer and chocolate.......
I enjoy well hopped brews (i.e. Bells Two Hearted, Stone's IPA, Sierra Nevada's, Lagunitas......etc).

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  1. Absolutely. I was watching Top Chef where they had to pair something with beer and I was thinking to myself, 'Just chuck a chocolate bar on the plate next to it'. I prefer chocolate bars over chocolate flavored fare (i.e., brownies or cookies).

    1. I do. Not a good chocolate bar per se, but in college I use to enjoy dropping a Hershey kiss in my beer. It gave the beer a slight flavor and was a nice treat at the end of the glass. Mainly did it with Guiness, Young's, and whatever Porter or Stout I had on hand.

      1. I'd go with an Old Rasputin Imperial stout and anything chocolate

        1. Good chocolate and good dark beers go beautifully together. My beerstyles of choice to accompany chocolate are strong stouts (such as Ipswich Oatmeal or Smuttynose imperial stout), baltic porters, and doppelbocks.

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          1. re: Kenji

            Yes. Yes. Oh, yes. Doppelbocks and chocolate.

            I had a Mahr's Weiss Bock on draught last night and was longing for a little square of snappy dark chocolate to go with it.

          2. Just paired some Old Rasputin with some Belgian Truffles.

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                1. re: triggs73

                  Really? Why am I thinking perhaps a Belgian triple with chocolate instead of a dark beer, porter or double bock, etc.

                  1. re: BeerWeezil

                    Yeah...your suggestion sounds good too...I had mine with 20 people and they all thought it was a great pairing. Why would there be a question to it?