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Dec 29, 2008 08:09 AM

Good German Food?

We would like your recommendations for good German food. We ate at a place in Poulsbo (we live in Kitsap) but it was awful!
Thanks for any help you can give.

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  1. No idea about Kitsap. Options in Seattle aren't great either.

    In Seattle, Szmanias is probably the best for a sit-down place. I've never thought much of the food at the People's Pub or the Bierstube/Prost/Feirabend sisters.

    I have a German friend who swears by the Schweinhaxen at King Ludwig's in Leavenworth, but getting there from Poulsbo could take half as long as the Lufthansa flight from Portland to Frankfurt. I've never been because, well, faux Bavarian tourist traps (the entire town of Leavenworth, no particular offense to King Ludwig's) aren't my thing.

    The best German food in the area is probably not at a restaurant: the provisions at Hans' Sausage & Delicatessen in Burien.

    1. Well Being a german I found a Place down in Fife that has decent food Not like grandma's but decent. It is around the corner from the Poodle dog, I just cannot remember the name. Other than that the only place I could recomend would be Odessa WA On HWY 2 north of Ritzville. But that would be a drive alright.

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        You must be thinking of this place, I thought it was pretty decent:

        Alpine German Deli & Restaurant
        5121 Pacific Hwy E
        Fife, WA 98424
        Phone: (253) 922-8112

        1. re: Lets_eat

          I think that's it. It had alot of german beers there as well.

          1. re: hickdolphin

            One of the reasons I thought it was pretty decent!

      2. I'm going to have to agree that Seattle is still lacking in a really good place with "bodenständiges Essen." The Prost places are much more about the beer than the food, so the menu is simple, although I had a decent Kassler last time at the West Seattle branch.

        As far as Leavenworth goes, meh. Places there are okay, but really good? I'd rather go down to Portland and go to one of the Rheinlander/Gustav's places. There's a nice German place near downtown Victoria BC, and if you're planning to take a break in San Francisco, don't miss Suppenk√ľche. Otherwise, the PNW restaurant scene gives good old Central European (German/Austrian/Czech/Hungarian) food rather short shrift.

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        1. re: dgs1300

          We go up to Victoria quite often, do you remember the name of the German restaurant you are referring to?

          1. re: ljohaines

            Rathskeller Schnitzel Haus
            1205 Quadra St
            Victoria, BC
            Tel: 250-386-9348

            1. re: boisenewbie

              Thank you! We will give it a try next time we are up that way.
              Looking forward to it.

        2. Mount Angel, OR also has some great German restos, Bavarian Haus being one of my faves, having cider kraut on the menu.

          Bavarian Haus
          Mount Angel, OR, Mount Angel, OR

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          1. re: tracylee

            Where is Mout Angel Located? I'm familiar with Portland and Klamath Falls, but not much else.

            1. re: ljohaines

              Mount Angel is East and a bit North of Salem. Founded by Germans for the most part, and has a very large Oktoberfest every year.

              There's also a Benedictine Monastery on a hill in town with a great view all over the valley on a clear day.