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Dec 29, 2008 07:55 AM

Three months in London, help me hit the ground running

My wife and I will be spending three months in London starting in January and we were hoping for some help finding great restaurants across the entire spectrum of dining options. We will be living near Marble Arch but we plan on branching out as much as possible. A couple options nearby would be great but I would also love some "not-to-be-missed" places. We love high-brow as well as low-brow food so please give us a couple recommendations to get us through our first week. We love all types of ethnic food (particularly Indian) but we also are exited to try some local fish and chips or pub food. Also, a couple good pubs would be helpful. Thanks in advance and I will try to write about where I have been in return.

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  1. Zayna is very close to Marble Arch and has some good reports:

    There are a lot of Lebanese restaurants on Edgware Road, though I've not eaten in any of them for a few years as I am Lebanese and go out to eat food I can't at home; so I'm sure others will provide recommendations but I'm led to believe Ishbilia in Knightsbridge is one of the best, though reports vary.

    The Golden Hind in Marylebone is without doubt the best for fish and chips right now in London. Definitely go there.

    1. Three months in London gives you a lot of time to try out some different places. Everyone will have their own opinion, but in my year in and a half here these are some of my favourites:

      - "Gastro" pub (which is what pubs that serve decent food are called in London): The Bull and Last in Kentish town,
      - European style wine bar: Vinoteca near the Smithfield market,
      - For Indian avoid Brick Lane and instead try Tayyabs in East London,
      - "British" cooking: Hereford Road in Bayswater (not too far from you if you are in Marble Arch)


      1. Cliched, yes, but classics are: go for breakfast at 'Roast', Borough Market, T, F or S (when the market is on).


        1. all easily found on google maps:

          east end

          1. Tay-do vietnamese, kingsland road (5.50 large pho)
          2. Bang burger shoreditch, beside Jaguar Shoes (7.50 ++)
          3. Jaguar shoes, shoreditch on kingsland road, go early (5pm) if you want to sit/eat, (food is brought in from Bang)
          4. Beigel Bake, brick lane, go for the salt beef (3.50)
          5. Casa Blue on brick lane right across Beigel Bake for drinks and vege snacks
          6. Rich Mixx cinema near brick lane for cheaper movies and lounge ++drinks

          central and others

          1. Assa korean resto (12++) behind centerpoint, totenham court road
          2. First out, gay-friendly cafe beside Assa with good wine and cake
          3. selfridges food hall- salt beef, and go to the patissserie part for red velvet cupcakes
          4. royal china restaurant, with branches in queensway and westferry, i suggest you get on the thames clipper on a sunny day, zip around and then get off and have dimsum in westferry, which is also pretty close to The Narrow, by gordon ramsay, a nice gastropub. I recommend you try the india pale ale with a cheese/meat platter.

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            If you're looking for cupcakes in London - I'd suggest Primrose Bakery (Covent Garden or Primrose Hill/Camden) or Hummingbird (Ladbrooke Grove or South Kensington) - Hummingbirds red velvet are the best in London imo!

          2. If you're staying by Marble Arch, you should try the Royal China on Queensway or Baker Street for dim sum on the weekends.

            Patogh is a super-tiny Iranian place by Edgware Road. Great bread.

            The Duke of Wellington is a nice gastro-pub, anytime place. (Food is a bit hit or miss. But still a nice place to hang out.)

            Golden Hind for fish and chips.

            The Providores on Marylebone High Street for wine and nice casual snacks/lunch.

            Because you're close to Edgware, you have a ton of Lebanese options. Best though, in my opinion, is just going to Green Valley, the Lebanese supermarket. (Upper Berkeley Street.) Love the baklava. Love the guys selling the baklava.