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Feb 6, 2004 01:04 PM

Soot Bull Jeep

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Is this a better choice for a large group of about 10?

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    Hershey Bomar

    Soot Bull Jeep is kinda intimidating to my friends. I had to force them through the door the first time.

    This is my review from last year.

    My Soot Bull Jeep Korean BBQ experience in two words. Fire! Fire!

    I'll go back in about six months...The place is that good. The bad stuff is the place has earned a C from the health peeps and I'm surprised the fire peeps haven't closed it down. The place is filled, filled with smoke. Each table contains a bucket sized grill filled with large chunks of hardwood coal. You know how in a movie when there's a fight on top of an old steam train and the train goes into a tunnel. Well you enter Soot Bull Jeep like you just came out of that tunnel.

    I like fire, and you canstantly have to dodge firey embers flying through the air. In other words you're competing with the beef sizzling away on the grill in front of you for medium well.

    The Korean yam vodka was yummy , I sampled enough to terrify my neighbors with my homecoming that night. But if they had seen the squid thay'd of had worse nightmares. Man that thing was a sight.

    We found the beef to be the best tasting. No one complained about the smoke once we were done waiting for a table, 20 min? I made revs but they didn't seem to care.

    The C must come from them dumping raw meat on the grill, directly on top of the meat you've carefully turned to perfection. Oh well, just drink more vodka right.

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    1. re: Hershey Bomar

      This place sounds too scary for me

      I suggest you go to Wae La Oak in beverly hills...they have really nice forks

      1. re: RIVALofFantasista

        Yung Susan (sp?) that Gold describes sounds inviting.

      2. re: Hershey Bomar

        What a great description, this blast sounds like a blast! I had read about it a couple years ago in a mag and still haven't been there, but I'll have to take my friend who's a big fan of the Korean BBQ there. The fact that other Anglenos are calling it scary and fear the pushy waitresses almost ads to its appeal!

      3. soot bull jeep is scary. it's also a bit grundgy because of all that smoke all over the place. the walls seems like they have a layer of oily stuff on them. soot bull jeep is knows for cooking on a bed of hot wood chucks instead of gas grills.

        woo rae oak is cleaner and they use gas grills so the beef supposedly won't taste as good.

        i'm not a big fan of woo rae oak but i'm korean. it's just not that good.

        personally, i would go to chosun kalbi on olympic (near western next to BofA).


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        1. re: RVD


          I was being ULTRA sarcastic about Wae lee oak...It's godawful...

          DOng Il Jang?

          1. re: RIVALofFantasista

            We have been going Dong Il since 1983 on a regular, (once a month or so) basis. Their food is solid without being wonderful. The weakness is the panchan which is very pedestrian and middle of the road boring. On the other hand the chap chae is very good and the bbq is fine. I also get the kalbi jimb and it is also very good. The prices have crept up over the years so they are no bargain.

            The are located on the north east corner of Hobart and 8th street.

          2. re: RVD

            If when you say "woo rae oak" you are referring to the branch of Woo Lae Oak on Western, it's been closed for a few months now.

          3. Suhrubal on Western has charcoal and they are cleaner and nicer than Soot Bull Jeep.

            1. The Grilled meats are great at Soot Bull jeep.

              It is a small place, but you should have no problem getting seated, they seem to push everyone out the door as soon as you're done, especially on weekends.

              1. If you definitely want barbecue, I strongly suggest going to Chosun Galbi on Olympic about a block west of Western. I recently went there with a party of 10 and had a great experience. The restaurant is huge so they don't rush you out the door. Their galbi is solid and their chop chae is some of the best I've ever had.

                If you want to try other things, Sa Rit Gol is a very good choice because they have a more diversified menu, which may be good for any in your group who doesn't want barbecue. It's one of the best all around Korean restaurants around.

                It is also strongly advisable for you to make a reservation for a party that large, even during the work week because both restaurants are actually quite popular.

                I hope you enjoy.