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Dec 29, 2008 07:25 AM

Petrossian Bakery??

I know the caviar is good but what about their bakery? I see online and it looks fabulous so I was wondering who has been and what is good? Also anyone ever try the smoked cod? How is it?

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  1. D&D used to carry raspberry bran muffins from Petrossian. I was really bummed when they stopped. If the muffins are any indication, the place is delicious. Probably the best muffin I've ever had.

    1. Haven't eaten at the restaurant but the cafe on 7th is a dive. Not very clean and the service is surly. I'm never going back.

      1. I work nearby, and it's become a regular stop for me. They're one of the only bakeries in NYC to make caneles, and they're fabulous. The chocolate-chip cookies are pretty darn good too. I've had my eye on their apricot danishes, and hope to try those soon.

        Btw, in response to the post above, it's hardly a dive. It's just a mostly takeout shop, and pretty well-kept from what I can tell.

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          Ah, caneles! Thanks for mentioning. Have you happened to try their macarons? Thanks.

          1. re: LeahBaila

            Sorry, no. But you've given me some incentive to check them out.

            1. re: Oliverstreet

              Well, if you happen to beat me to it, PLEASE report back and I'll do the same!


          2. re: Oliverstreet

            Balthazar also makes pretty good caneles.

          3. The bakery is really outstanding. The chocolate croissants are the best in the city.