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Dec 29, 2008 07:24 AM

source for duck legs?

Looking to make some duck confit for a NYE dinner. I've found whole ducks at WFM in Clarendon, but they don't appear to just sell legs. Anyone know somewhere around town who might sell duck parts?


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  1. Costco has cooked duck legs in its meats section.

    1. Where I live any large Oriental market will have uncooked duck legs........actually they'll probably have any darn part of the duck you want.....

      1. Recently scored both duck legs and duck fat from Cheesetique, but I had to order in advance; it wasn't something they have in stock normally.

        And you're really out of time - you need to throw those legs in the salt today if you want to cook confit on Wednesday morning...

        1. Wegmans in Fairfax has D'artangan duck legs, all ready for confit.

          1. I saw duck legs at the Balducci's in Old Town Alexandria yesterday.