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Dec 29, 2008 07:24 AM

Birthday dinner with "curtained table" or private room

I'm trying to plan a birthday dinner for my girlfriend. The idea is to eat a great meal, just the two of us, and then have a few (6-10) friends meet us after for a surprise dessert and drinks.

I was thinking that if we could eat in either a private room or a slightly larger table with a curtain (Think the big banquette table in the back of Aquitaine and the large velvet curtain).

Does anyone have any other suggestions where I can find something like that or a small private dining area?

Thank you for all you help!

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  1. First, i think that it all depeds on the night of the week that you are planning to do this. My bet is that restaurants would not tie up a large table where folks were going only for desert/drinks. You might want to try 28 Degrees on Appleton in the SE. You could have dinner for 2 at a smaller table and have them reserve their larger bar commmunal table for later with your friends. I have seen this done there before and it looked pretty cool (they had the table pre set with party favors etc.

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      "...restaurants would not tie up a large table where folks were going only for desert/drinks..."

      I totally agree. I think the OP's best bet would be to enjoy a nice dinner with his GF and just meet the friends later on.

    2. Eastern Standard comes to mind... they have a private room towards the rear of the dining room.

      1. If you want to try someplace new, I think BINA has a private area that seats up to 12. I'm not sure that it has curtains, but it's private enough that I couldn't see into it the two times I've dined there. I think the food is super-creative and a breath of fresh air in terms of Boston's Italian fine dining. There are some fun cocktails and the wine list is sprinkled with little gems, really thoughtfully put together. That and really unique desserts (try the moscato d'asti dish, yum) and because it's so new make it seem like a really special place to take your lady for her birthday. I'd go...

        1. What kind of food do you prefer? McCormack & Schmick's in the back bay has little curtained rooms that surround the main dining room. It might be tough to reserve one for 2 though. Fugakyu has those little tatami rooms. I think you can fit 6 in some of them, but it might be tight. You have to pay extra for the Eastern Standard room, it's considered a function room, not just another dining space.

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            I was thinking the same thing about McCormack & Schmicks, but the one at Faneuil Hall - I know they have those curtained banquettes upstairs.

          2. You might be able to reserve the little private room upstairs at Mamma Maria's. I don't know if they would do this for only 2 people, but they did it for 4 last time I was there. And you could squeeze in 6 total, I think. It's a very pretty room with a view over North Square.