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Triangle Gyro Quest...

In search of good Gyro sandwich in the Triangle area.
When the urge arises have been satisfying the craving at Miami Subs on 401, over by the big intersection of 401/70.....Tried one at a place in Holly Springs called Papa's once and it was a sorry representation.......Miami Subs version is better, but am looking for something more.....Also looking for good felafel, tabouli....Neomonde is my "go to" for these items, but trying to expand options........
I think the derivation of the name Gryo is more Greek/Med., was used to calling this sandwich a Shawerma(sp) or a sadiqi dog when growing up. I miss watching the meat being carved off the rotating spit..........(Haven't been inside Miami Subs in awhile, but I think they used to carve to order...just wondering about the turnover ) As mentioned, Miami Subs fills the void , but am hoping there's something more authentic out there.
Thanks for any takes/suggestions.

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  1. Have you tried Baba Ghannouj? I think you'll find it far more authentic (not to mention tasty) than Miami Subs. They also have great sides, including falafel, tabbouli, hummus, etc. There are several locations around town - Cary, Apex, Durham, etc.

    1. If you'll let me know which towns you are near I'll let you know where the best Gyros can be found.

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        Live near Holly Springs, but always willing to drive a ways....

      2. Happy to help. I went to school in the Triangle (couldn't figure out where you were because we didn't call it the triangle when I was in school). In Chapel Hill try Pita Pit or Hectors. They have great bread and the best gyros.

        In Raleigh give Solomon's a try. Many locations and great meat. If you happen to be in Durham, you're on your own.

        Go Tar Heels

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        1. Apparently you are willing to drive so I have a few great options for you for non-chain establishments. In Chapel Hill, go to Mediterranean Deli. These guys always have great gyros, falafel and all the fixings. You can even take some home (baba ghanoush, hummus, etc...) since they have a deli counter. It's worth the drive. If you're in Raleigh and feel like a bit more upscale food, a Lebanese restaurant named Sitti just opened in downtown. All of the food is amazing with fresh baked pita bread, fresh hummus, etc (try the mixed grill platter). The deli owned by the same group also makes amazing food.

          Hope that helps! Cheers!

          Mediterranean Deli
          410 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

          Raleigh, NC, Raleigh, NC

          Neomonde Mediterranean Deli
          3817 Beryl Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607

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            Neomonde is certainly good. Xithos in Apex is a good Greek restaurant who also does a decent gyro.

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              I like Med. Deli, but their falafels are pretty bad. Swarma is great though.

              I'm so sad that the Chapel Hill Baba Ganoush closed. They made a great falafel.

            2. I think the gyro at Satisfaction in Durham is pretty tasty.

              1. "Triangle Gyro Quest" would be an awesome band name.

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                    I said it then and I'll say it again and throw in a link to their web site: La Shish


                    I have since gotten hooked on their falafel. The cream of asparagus soup is out of this world. It is made fresh from real cream, cheddar and organic asparagus.

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                      Mmmm, that sounds good! Thanks for the link - I'm adding it to my list.

                      Not to steal the thread, but if anyone knows of a place that does a pork or lamb souvlaki, I'd love to hear about it!

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                        Try Xios. It also seems like Sparticus had it at one time.


                  2. I eat at Solomons regularly. They guy that owns it is Lebanese. The food is great. I love his Middle Eastern offerings. I have only eaten at the Six Forks location. The one in Briar Creek has closed, I believe. I've never eaten at the one on Capital. I also like Neomonde.

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                        Between 440 & 540, on the East side of the road across from the Sams/Target/Lowes shopping center. It is a free standing building close to the road.

                        I think the menus differ a little. From what I've heard/read the Six Forks location is a little more upscale and has a more expansive menu. I go to the Cap. Blvd. location every 3-4 months. The menu is a little more basic, but tasty and decent value. The folks there are very nice. My SO has been happy with the gyro. The dinners look great, but we've only had lunch there.

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                          In Mini City near Casa Linga?...........

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                            Looking at Casa Linga's map, yes. But Solomons is not in the strip center, they are closer to the road in their own building. Depending on the direction you are traveling it can be hard to see the sign until you are right by them.

                            They have coupons every once in a while, I think in the bundle that comes in the mail...

                    1. also--does anyone know where to get a gyro here just made of lamb (no beef)? thanks!

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                          I just had lunch today at the Cary Baba Ghannouj (on Walnut in the shopping center with Petsmart, JoAnn Fabric, World Market). They had a choice of chicken or lamb/beef gyros. No lamb-only. The gyros were not sliced off a rotating spit. They were pre-sliced frozen and heated on the grill. I had the platter rather than a sandwich (because of a coupon). That produced about four slices (a bit too perfectly even, thin, and regularly shaped for my cynical eye) laid over a Greek salad with lots of standard Italian Vinaigrette. Served with warm pita, hummus (good) and tzatziki. A perfectly adequate meal in kind of a fast food joint sense, but I'm sure it's not what the OP had in mind.

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                            Wow. Definitely try the one on Harrison, then, because they slice the meat right off of the spit and generally give you a TON of it as well. Whenever I've gotten the gyro platter, there are far more than four slices of meat! I've also had similarly good meals at the location on 55 in Apex. I've not eaten at the Crossroads location that you visited, and from that feedback, probably won't.

                            1. re: Suzy Q

                              Where is the one on Harrison? I can't recall ever seeing it....

                              1. re: jazzy77

                                It's fairly new - probably been open a year or so. It's in the shopping center across from SAS with Sam's, NY Pizza, Torero's, and the dry cleaner.

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                                  Great! I love BG so it's good to know that there is one close to us.

                      1. Lunch menu at:

                        Nikos Taverna
                        4075 Davis Drive
                        Morrisville, NC


                        Brightleaf Square
                        Durham, NC

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                          Hmmm...I had lunch at Nikos Taverna today. My husband and I both had gyros. The meat was excellent, cut off a spit and crunchy on the outside, nice and spicy. My sandwich came with a side salad (nice, slightly sweet balsamic dressing), and some extremely tasty lemon potatoes. My husband had a cup of the lemon chicken soup - he said it was nice and lemony and a side of their house fries, which were thinly sliced, almost a cross between a chip and a fry. The service was good and the price the for entire lunch was reasonable.

                          Overall, I think a person could do well with just about any of the restaurants in that same plaza on Davis Drive (Saffon, Red Dragon, Randy's Pizzza....).