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Dec 29, 2008 07:09 AM

Where to buy Poire William liqueur?

I'm in Paris for the week and would love to take a bottle of Poire William home with me. Any recommendations for a good shop?


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  1. (on top of my head)

    you could try at one of the many "Nicolas" stores in the city; probably not the best selection, but they have some (according to their web site).

    Lavinia (3 boulevard de la Madeleine, 75001 Paris) has some.

    1. Very easy to find . Depending where you are, Lavinia near Place Madelaine, Galleries Lafayette has an excellent liqueur department, and Caves Bossetti near BHV has as well. Check on US customs allowing, was a problem in past, but has been resolved l think. Bossetti also has the best selection of Chartreuse and Absinthe in Paris. Have been assuming you wanted the one with the poire in the bottle. If not, no problem to bring back, as many as you wish duty is about a buck a bottle and they usually do not bother charging you. There are two styles, first the eau de vie, quite strong and in essence, alcohol distilled from the fruit. Secondly, there is the liqueur, much lower alcohol, and sweeter. IMHO, the best two in France are from Alsace, being Massenez and Schmidt.

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        Thank you both -- this is very helpful information! I'm in the Marais, very close to Caves Bossetti, and look forward to visiting tomorrow.

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          I've also seen it at La Grande Epicierie, which also has an excellent wine selection.

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            Thanks very much. Caves Bossetti was unfortunately out of it, but they had some great deals on champagne for the New Year. I also purchased a lovely chartreuse. Across the street at Nicholas they had exactly one bottle left with the poire inside, so success all around! Fingers crossed that I make it through customs...

      2. It might seem sacrilegious to write this on these oh-so-authentic pages, but they sell a decent Alsatian or Lorraine eau de vie de poire at the boutiques at the Paris airports - both Roissy and Orly, but also Beauvais. The price is right too - at around 20 euros, it's about half the price that you'd pay for the same bottle anywhere else. Doesn't have pear inside.