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Peruvian Restaurants in the Philly Area?

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I have very good Peruvian friends (I have just turned on them to Chowhound.) coming down to the north Philly area for New Years. I just searched the site and found little about Peruvian restaurants In Philly. Any recommendations? Thanks and Happy New Year!

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  1. El Balconcito is the only one I know of and it probably isn't as authentic as you're looking for...


    If you can wait about a month, Jose Garces will be opening Chifa, his Peruvian/Chinese hybrid.

    1. Sol De Peru...in Upper Darby. I have not been a couple years. It is good/basic..the owner very friendly. Cant be sure it is still there...perhaps someone else may comment...


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        sol de Peru looks good. Thanks. I should have thought of HollyEats. It was the first food site I ever stumbled upon. My family has been eating Yacco's hot dogs for over 75 years. A Muhlenberg tradition!

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          I think Don Memo may be where Sol de Peru used to be.

      2. Your about 2 months too early. Jose Garces is opening Chifa in "February" in Center City. Now Jose's Feb. could actually turn out to be June, but who's counting?