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Dec 29, 2008 06:54 AM

Hot Pot at Little Pepper-report

Had hot pot at Little Pepper in Flushing last week and since there isn't much about it on the boards, thought I'd post a quick report.

Nice that unlike many places, they had a menu of the stuff you order to put in the hot pot at least partially translated into English. The staff was also super friendly and helpful: two of them stopped by our table to tell us that the beef stomach shouldn't be cooked more than about 10 seconds - and not to put the cabbage in the spicy broth, the latter advice which some of us cheerfully ignored. Anyway, it was good. Not the most flavorful broth we've ever had for hot pot, but perfectly fine and nice quality ingredients to cook in it. I did miss having bowls and individual ladles, instead of just chopsticks, but they gave us one big spoon when we asked and we used that to fish out stuff that was difficult to get with chopsticks.

I really wanted to order other stuff off the menu, since I've never been to Little Pepper before, but I'll just have to return soon. We were happy we got there early, since it filled up quickly!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the hotpot (I did not like the broths very much; I wrote about my experiences last spring). But please go back and try their non hotpot dishes...they do many things well. I agree about the friendly service.

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      Yes, erica, I saw your report when trying to decide where to go for Sichuan hot pot. Thanks for the encouragement to return - I definitely will!! I didn't find the broths sour at all, which is my memory of one thing you didn't like about it - not sure if something was off the time you tried it or if you and I just have different reactions to the same taste.

      1. re: The Turtle Bay Dove

        I ate dinner at Shanghai Tide last night. Along with the shanghai dishes on the menu, they offer hotpot for $25.95 including tax and tip. The restaurant was jam packed last night, a Monday, and every table except ours was having hotpot; some tables had menu dishes as well as hot pot. Just on the basis of how crowded this place was, you might put it on your "to try" list for hotpot in Flushing.