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Dec 29, 2008 06:20 AM

Schenectady Greenmarket

Have many of you made it out to the Schenectady year-round Greenmarket (Sundays from 10-2 at the Proctor’s Arcade) yet? We went to Troy for years and probably will continue to go now and again, especially when planning a Saturday night dinner party. But, we have been really pleased with the selection in Schenectady. They had about 30 vendors when they opened – now it is cut down a bit because there is somewhat less produce, but they must still have 20 or more there. Our favorites are:

The organic baker from (I think) Lake Placid who is downstairs – we get his olive focaccia just about every week and if double-bagged it can last almost a week (if you don’t get too greedy.) He also has some amazing sweets – I am a sucker for the canelle and the mudslide cookie. He is a very laid-back, engaging guy (Jack and I call him “the baked guy” which may be pejorative but is meant affectionately.)

The guy selling eggs/guinea hens/ducks downstairs – I think it is called Cooper’s Ark? His stuff is great – we have gotten into a routine of roasting a bird every couple of weeks. He is also a great guy to talk with.

The guy selling oyster mushrooms. He is new but he was one of our go-to guys at the Tory market and we were thrilled to see that he had set up over here as well.

Oh, and the pesto is wonderful! We haven’t tried much of the prepared stuff yet but we are big suckers for the Buddah-pesto, as it’s so fresh.

I hope they stick with the Sunday schedule. It is different from other markets, but I think that’s a plus. We often have stuff going on during the day Saturday – Sunday mornings are less-scheduled. We would often miss Troy for this or that, but now we have two mornings available, and so far (Schenectady opened, I think, in late October or early November,) we have made it to one or the other every weekend.

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  1. Schenectady Greenmarket has two new vendors last week as of last week - Mu Mu Muesli (delicious organic oats, wheat flakes, coconut, flax seeds, dates etc) and Argyle Cheese (the creamiest Greek yogurt and Camembert!). This week, Taj Mahal (a local Indian restaurant under new management) will be doing a cooking demonstration and in a few weeks will be selling prepared food (samosas, dal, soup, etc).

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      I've been a number of times since they've opened; a great addition to downtown Schenectady. One recommendation-until sometime in March, one of my favorite vendors (in Troy as well as Schenectady-and in the Union Square Greenmarket as well) is Dancing Ewe farms, producers of fantastic fresh ricotta (cow's milk most of the year; sheep and sheep/milk mix during summer months), caciotta and aged pecorino cheeses. They are currently in Tuscany, but are scheduled to be back sometime in March.

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        Thanks for the tip! We did swing by today and picked up some meusli. It seemed pretty quiet but maybe because of all the snow - I hope all is well there.

      2. I'm going to try to go this Sunday if the weather cooperates. I will report back (it may take awhile).

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          FDR, have you made it back? We were there Sunday and impressed with the huge crowd. We missed the Underground Railroad event but did get to meet the governor’s chef and try some emu egg custard.

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            meg944, I never made it - too much snow and I'm still getting used to driving everywhere vs. subway. I can't wait to go. The market in Troy too. Will report back once I go . . .