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Dec 29, 2008 06:01 AM

Taj Mahal, Schenectady - new and improved

So, the Taj Mahal restaurant on Jay St. in Schenectady (across from City Hall) is under new ownership. They have fixed the place up a bit; though it is not an upscale ambience, it is nicer than most of the local store-front Indian places. We’ve gotten takeout a few times and been pleased with the change, but on Saturday we went w/ some friends for the lunch buffet, as we had heard they have some Southern Indian options on Saturday. For $7.95 each we got an extensive buffet w/ all the usual suspects (chicken korma, tandoori chicken, saag something, etc.) and a few interesting additions (like a dish w/ okra, and another that included sautéed eggplant) as well as salad and myriad condiments. They had a coconut chutney (spicy/sweet and so delicious - I could have eaten a plate of the stuff!) and a couple of starchy options that were from Southern India – one was a sort of doughnut but not sweet, and one was a kind of small savory cake made with rice flour. They also had a lentil soup that I was told was southern. They brought several baskets of fresh, hot naan to our table, which was a nice touch. I think Karavelli in Latham is probably still my favorite, but for something a bit different at a very reasonable price, (and in my case, a very short travel time) I would certainly recommend Taj Mahal.

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  1. Thanks for the report, meg944. We tried Taj Mahal for a snack before midnight mass and had tomato soup (hint of cumin, garnished with a lime wedge/cilantro), lentil soup and a vegetable pakora. Good to know the lunch buffet is available on weekends.

    1. This evening I stumbled upon Taj Mahal, and had a fabulous dinner. I travel extensively and always seek indian food with Saag Paneer being my "taste test" comparison. This dish was top-notch here at Taj Mahal. I mean DELICIOUS!!! I rounded out the meal with veggie biryani and raisin/nut naan making for a perfect - and big - dinner. I haven't had such yummy spices and textures since I ate in Redmund WA (home of many indian programmers and thus restaurants).

      This place is easy to find across from the City Hall in Schenectady.

      Check it out, even if you don't normally like spinach!
      And, the folks you run it are very nice, too!

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        talltimber, thanks for the report. I need to return for a meal.