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Dec 29, 2008 05:42 AM

Great mussels in NJ???

I posted a message in January of 2008 - my girlfriend just relocated from LI to NJ. One of our favorite places on the island is Waterzooi - love the mussels. I was hoping someone could recommend a restaurant in NJ that might be a Belgian Bistro or even be known for it's mussels. I didn't get any responses.

It's a year later. My girlfriend is now my fiance and we're still looking for suggestions? Any help?



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  1. If you are in Northern Bergen County, there are three places that serve Sea Foods that could probably accommodate any request for a Special Recipe...these would all be considered upscale restaurants and priced accordingly:

    Varka In Ramsey

    Oceanos in Fair Lawn

    Axia Taverna in Tenafly

    If you would like to try Italian Style with Tomatoes and some pretty good Pizza along side...there is Trattoria Sorrentina or Di Palma Brothers in Upper Hudson County.

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      Thank you for the suggestions. I noticed the top three are greek / medi inspired cuisine. I'm curious to know if you're familiar with any Belgian Bistro's?


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        Thank you for the suggestions. I noticed the top three are greek / medi inspired cuisine. I'm curious to know if you're familiar with any Belgian Bistro's?

        The simple reason for the top three to be Greek......Greeks own a lot of restaurants in Northern New Jersey....including all the diners and many Italian restaurants as well. Those three in particular are well upscale for the most part. You can dress casual, but the prices are moderate to high.

        I am sorry to say, I cannot think of one restaurant or bistro that is Belgian inspired in ALL of New Jersey......the closest thing Belgian on a menu is going to be a waffle.

        There are a few French restaurants that I am sure would serve mussels on their menu. Madeleine's Petite Paris in Northvale comes to mind. Chef Gaspard Caloz won the Cooking Olympics...not many can say that on their resume. Bacari Grill in Washington Township probably has it on their menu. Chef Peter had it on his menu when he owned his own was a real winner, so I am sure he has it there. He cooks the mussels in beer with Andouille Sausage, Baby Clams, shallots and herbs...along with Crusty Croutons for dipping...very good. I posted the recipe on a thread

        All in all, just about any Italian restaurant and pizzeria will have mussels on their menus....the two places I mentioned make theirs exceptionally. Many place will just have a dozen or so covered in sauce....and over-cooked. Both TS and DPB serves their version enough for the table to share....and around 10-11 bucks. Real quality, plus value.

    2. I saw from your earlier posts you're from Middlesex/Monmouth county area. Best to post on the Mid-Atlantic board as there's a lot of local central NJ (M/M counties) hounds active there.

      In the Princeton area, check out the Rocky Hill Inn and One 53 both in Rocky Hill. Also Main Street Bistro at the Princeton Shopping Center. All serve excellent mussels in a light garlic broth with tasty rustic bread for dipping.

      Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

      1. My favorite Central NJ mussel dish is served at Mie Thai in Woodbridge. They are served on the half shell with a Thai chili basil sauce over them. It takes them a few steps beyond the usual white wine garlic or marinara sauces...

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          Ditto for the Mie Thai mussels(it's BYOB too) and go across the street to the brew pub for a few rounds first.

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            Sounds delicious. Have to check it out. Thanks!

          2. I second the one 53 recommendation. I was there a few days ago and it seemed like every other table had ordered the mussels! If you are willing to travel and also like beer, try Monk's Cafe in Philadelphia. They have an amazing beer and tap selection than many variations on Belgian-style mussels. They also serve "frites", shoestring fries to dip in the sauce!

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              Funny you should mention Monks. My friend who lives in Philly made the same recommendation.

            2. Dano's on Asbury Avenue in Tinton Falls has the best mussels in white clam sauce I ever had. A dive, but well worth it.