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Dec 29, 2008 04:19 AM

Convection oven rib roast

Hi All - been reading lots about cooking rib roasts here. Not many have touched on using a convection oven for the roast. My current plan is to cook our New Year's eve 13.5 lb roast at 225F using convection bake for about 15-20 min/lb for rare-medium rare. I will be using a meat thermometer, but would like to have a better idea of the cooking time. Am I thinking correctly? I also understand that no high heat is needed for forming the outside crust - the circulating air will take care of that. What say all you foodies?

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  1. JB, we roasted a 8.5 lb. rib roast with bones in our convection oven 12/25. We have 2 convection settings, "roast" (top element heats), "bake" (bottom element heats). I seasoned the roast with a dry rub of kosher salt, Montreal steak seasoning, freshly chopped garlic and chopped rosemary about 2 hours prior to roasting and let it sit on kitchen counter to bring to room temp. Used convection roast (top element heating) all the way through. Preheated oven to 500, roasted for 20 min, turned down meat to 275, continued roasting for approx 90 min afterward. I like the high heat roast, as yes the air circulates in a convection oven, but the blast of high heat will make a better crust than at 225. Hope this helps!

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      Hey Diane, thanks for the benchmark information. For the record, here is how mine turned out. 13 lb dry aged rib roast - I took it out of the fridge about 2 hours before roasting time. Rubbed with canola oil, kosher salt and pepper. At roast time, I heated to 500F using convection roast. Cooked roast for about 15 minutes, then dropped the temperature to 225 convection roast and put in the meat thermometer. After a total of 3 hours (high and low heat cooking), the roast was done to a perfect rare-medium rare throughout (thermometer set to 120F). Rested under a foil cover for about 20 minutes in an opened oven (not a lot of counter space!), and carve. My carnivor friends flipped for it! Looks like it is about 12-14min/lb at 225. I look forward to the next roasting adventure!

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        Jo, glad to hear it turned out well! Congrats!