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Dec 29, 2008 03:52 AM

Las Vegas - Buffets, Fine Dining and Healthy Quick Eats

I will be in Vegas with some friends, including the girlfriend, for a few days, and am looking for places to eat under the following three categories. We will be there after New Year's, so we're not concerned with special New Year's Eve menus. I haven't been in Vegas in quite a few years, so I'm not really sure what's good and what's not, so your advice is needed.

Buffets - We like good food, but also lots of it. We're considering the Sterling Brunch at Bally's, which from my understanding includes unlimited Perrier Jouet champagne. While $ is not much of an issue, we're not sure if it's worth it as some members of our party will not be drinking at all. I've also looked at the buffets at both the Bellagio and Wynn, but I haven't eaten at either in 5+ years. So any thoughts and recommendations would be much appreciated.

Fine Dining - This would be for myself and the girlfriend only. While I would love to try the tasting menu at Joel Robuchon or Guy Savoy, the girlfriend does not fancy French cuisine whatsoever. She will also not touch anything raw, and do not care for alcohol at all, including wine. We don't normally do steakhouses, but it is a possibility, and we're considering N9NE. Tasting menus sound great to us, but it is not a requirement. I'm frankly at a loss at where to go, and will appreciate any recommendations.

Healthy Quick Bites - We're looking for one or two convenient places on the Strip with some healthy items on the menu. These absolutely do not need to be health food type places.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  1. buffets - i've seen a definite drop in quality at both bellagio and wynn, especially the bellagio. Haven't been to sterling since it cracked the $50/person barrier - one of these days !

    might help if you tell us what the gf likes instead of her dislikes since she sounds a lil picky !

    healthy on the strip - sorry, can't help you there !

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      kjs - Thanks for the help. My gf likes Italian, Middle Eastern, Indian, spicy food (as spicy as possible), and sushi rolls but not sashimi. However, so long as the food isn't French or raw, she'll probably be open to trying it at least once. Let me know if this narrows it down at all.

      As for buffets, are there any other possibilities beside the Stering Brunch and Wynn if we're looking for quality food?

      1. re: zph

        With buffets, you're gonna hit an absolute maximum in terms of quality - a buffet can only be so good given the parameters (food out in warming trays, cooked in large quantities, etc.) Are you looking for large variety or simply large volumes of food? Buffets are well suited to variety, but if it's just volume, then there are a number of good places in Vegas with large serving sizes.

        I think Wynn, Bellagio, and the Sterling Brunch are pretty much top of the heap.

        For fine dining, have you considered Italian? Batali has a couple of restaurants in Vegas with good reviews here on Chowhound, and I hear Fiamma at the MGM is very good.

    2. There are outposts of Canyon Ranch at both the Venetian and Palazzo. Both have several spa-ish options as well as less spartan offerings. There are many more options if you leave the Strip.