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Dec 29, 2008 02:27 AM

Milk in South East Asian cooking?

A friend of mine suggested using cow's milk instead of coconut milk to cut fat and calories in South East Asian (she meant Malay, but I am thinking also Thai) curries and also some soups.

Have you ever heard of this or tried it? Any thoughts?

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  1. My mother does this with both Malaysian and Thai curries. You won't get the rich coconut flavour but it works fine. I've also used plain soy milk and that works well also. Another option is to mix coconut and cow's milk.

    1. Many Asians do not tolerate cow's milk.

      1. A follow up, I made a mixed vegetable curry with dried prawns and cashews for protein, using Mae Ploy Red Curry paste and a few other ingredients. I used 1/2 cup full cream milk and 1 cup skim. It came out beautifully, but as Jadec mentioned, the coconut richness wasn't there. But a very good low fat/cal option for slimmers.

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          They do sell "lite" coconut milk but I find it just doesn't taste the same. I "stretch" out my coconut milk curries by putting in a lot of vegetables and just eating less of the milk with my rice. I think in most restaurants, a serving of Thai coconut based curry is about at least a can of coconut milk. I usually get at least five servings from one can. And it's rare that I eat coconut milk based soups.