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Dec 29, 2008 12:42 AM

Penzeys spices???

Has anyone ordered from here? I am looking to order some spices etc and I found this site. Any other ideas???

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  1. First rate outfit that i have used for years.
    Their catalog offers some excellent recipes as well.

    1. Penzey's is great. I used to think they were expensive until I started using their spices and learned that their spices are so much more fresh and tastful that you don't need to use as much. We've been buying from them both catalog and in store for about 6 years now.

      1. We've gotten cinnamon and Jingle Bell dried peppers from one of their stores. We generally get our spices from the bulk bins (which contain Frontier products) at a local co-op as they have affordable prices.

        1. jfood orders from Pennzy's all the time. he has a draw full of their stuff.


          1. Penzey's is terrific! I've been ordering from them for years, but now that there's a store relatively close to where I live, it's wonderful to actually go directly to the source. Their variety is extensive.