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Dec 28, 2008 10:09 PM

Pot Racks (hanging or wall mounted)

Just bought an 11pc set, but having difficulty finding where to put them in our small Toronto condo. Could anyone suggest a place to look for/buy a ceiling or wall mounted pot rack so i can hang the pots up and save some space?


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  1. Last year I had the worst luck finding much to look at in stores, at least as far as anything that didn't cost a fortune. I'm not sure why, really, but it didn't seem common even in stores that I thought would carry them, like Bed Bath and Beyond. A few fancier stores had mainly fancier priced units and still only a couple styles at that. Gave up and ordered from I think it was Target online (never seen one in a store of theirs either) a rack made by Rogar. It seems to be fine, decently made in the US. The one I have is a basic rectangular thing with grid on top (which serves as a shelf), hooks that can go around outside and additional hooks that can hang from the grid. They make numerous styles for both hanging and wall mount, can be expensive if you choose the more expensive materials/finishes, but there are numerous options that should run under $100 US.

    Their web site suggests this for Canada:

    Good luck with your search. Maybe somewhere in Toronto is a store or few that actually stock such items.

    1. I've had an Enclume for more than 15 years and it is a terrific workhorse holding very heavy weight (LC + copper, etc). Their website is:

      Mine is a ceiling-hung rectangle, at least four feet long, with a grid that holds non-hanging items. At present count, 28 hooks hold saucepans, skillets/lids, casseroles, etc and the grid houses bowls, pitchers, baskets and a lot more.

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        Our wall-mounted Enclume rack has also been a workhorse for almost that long. Hanging off it are a full-size roasting pan; 12-qt. stock pot, 5-qt. , 3-qt., 1-qt. pots, paella pan, 3 skillets, & saute pan (All-Clads) plus all the lids, a couple splatter screens, pasta-drying dowels, and hanging wire baskets for miscellaneous (onions, garlic, a dozen pot holders, etc.).

      2. You can do a simple Google search for "pot racks" and, well... when I just did it I got over 2,000,000 hits! LOTS of pot racks on line.

        I've also made a custom pot rack for my kitchen with redwood 2x4s, lag bolts to hold them in the cross-hatch pattern, hooks and chains to hang it from the ceiling, and galvanized (won't rust) nails from the hardware store to hang the pans from. Worked great and was very attractive visually. Cost around 50 bucks, but the cost of redwood has undoubtedly increased since then.

        I have also created a custom pot hanger with hooks, chains, and a pair of wire "garage shelves" that worked beautifully. I sprayed the finished rack with copper metallic paint to coordinate with my copper pots and pans.

        And I have also had a welder custom make a huge wrought iron pan rack for my kitchen in California. I've kicked myself several times for leaving that one in the house when I sold it.

        Finding or making a pot rack that exactly fits your needs should not be a problem. In any case, whether you wall mount or ceiling mount, make absolutely certain you anchor into a stud or a joist! Don't need a bunch of pots and pans attacking you! '-)

        EDIT: The great part of shopping on line is that you don't have to try to get the pot rack in your car!

        1. I use the Grundtal series of stuff from Ikea and I'm quite happy with it.

          It's quite inexpensive and easy to add things to so you can customize it for what you need/want to hang up.

          1. Over the years I've had a few potracks and every time I searched, I didn't find anything at the bigger chain stores. Rather, the smaller indie kitchen/home decor shops seem to carry them, especially if you live in an urban area where lots of people have smaller apartment kitchens. One place special ordered one for me, and gave me good advice on the best kind for my type of wall & size of kitchen. Good luck!