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Dec 28, 2008 08:37 PM


can anybody help me out with any places (name & location if you know it svp)

to purchase quality whole duck
and oysters

in Montreal

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  1. For oysters, 2 places (maybe 3) :

    La Mer (on rené-levesque, just west of Jacques-Cartier Bridge)
    Falero (on Parc ave.)

    and my cousin told me there's a new fish store in Laval (near the colossus, where ever that is) that looks to be very good.

    For duck :
    La Canard Libéré (on St-Laurent blvd, south of Mont-Royal).

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      1. re: jamiejames

        Antoine on Parc between St-Joseph and Laurier actually has a better selection of oysters than Falero.

        The ducks at Le Canard Libéré are pekin (aka Brome Lake aka Long Island) only, btw.

        For a one-stop shop, head to the Jean Talon or Atwater market. At the former, you can find pekin and muscovy (aka barbarie) ducks, whole or parts, including some organic birds, at several shops (Fermes St-Vincent, Prince Noir, Volailles et gibiers du marché, Boucherie du marché, Capitol, etc.). Last week, the small Atkins/Délices de la mer shop had four or five types of fresh oysters, including some small but exquisite Beausoleils. There are also two other fish mongers at the market, tho' Atkins/Délices is by far the best.

        1. re: carswell

          carswell I have a quick duck related question for you since you seem to be extremely knowledgeable about the Montreal food scene.

          Do you know of any decent places to get duck of any kind except muscovy? I was hoping you might have a few suggestions.


          Vagabond à la Carte :

          1. re: sksoze

            You can find moulard duck legs at several butchers around town, though in some cases you may have to pre-order them. Boucherie de Tours at Atwater Market almost always has legs. Anjou-Québec sometimes does. Boucherie de Paris requires pre-ordering. There are bound to be other places, too, but these are the ones I deal with.

            Moulard breasts -- the big ones with a thick layer of fat under the skin -- are ubiquitous. Even my local Metro grocery chain sells them, as does just about any French butcher (and many Italian ones , too). A few places sell the smaller muscovy breasts -- I get mine at Les volailles et gibiers du marché at the Jean Talon Market -- but the moulard breasts are far more common.

            Whole moulards are rarely seen, since they're raised primarily for foie gras and butchered to get at it.

            Pekin ducks, whole or parts, can be found at Le Canard Libéré. Several butchers and grocery chains also sell them, usually whole birds under the Brome Lake moniker. The Jean Talon and Atwater markets would be good places to look. And, since La Maison du Rôti shamefully makes their confit with pekin legs, it's a pretty good bet you'd find them there, too.

            1. re: carswell

              Thank you very much, it's appreciated. Have a nice New Year.


              Vagabond à la Carte :