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Where to find Liqueur (Baileys/Kahlua)filled Chocolates? (GTA)

Where can I find Liqueur filled chocolates in the GTA? Would prefer Baileys/Kahlua ones....

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  1. Do you have Costco there? They always have them at this time of year.

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    1. re: c oliver

      I know Costco has them but any other options (dont really know anybody who has Costco membership)

    2. think I saw some at Rabba not sure what they had in them...

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        what about the LCBO? Pusateri's?

        1. re: schmecht

          I have never seen them at either LCBO or Pusateries.. they are more Ghetto chocolates :-)

      2. I saw some at Loblaws a few days ago that had either Baileys or Kahlua (I cannot remember now) but I don't know if they will have any left (post-Christmas).

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          Check out Shopper's Drug Mart. I bought them there this year.

        2. David Roberts Food in Mississauga carries them and might have them on deep discounts post-Christmas.

          David Roberts Food
          426 Watline Ave, Mississauga, ON L4Z, CA

          1. Saw them at both PharmaPlus (Rexall) and Shoppers Drug Mart. I saw them at various locations (downtown and west end).

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              wonderful......it would be great if i can get them from Shoppers..thanks everybody for the inputs....

            2. Just saw them about an hour ago at The Bay (Fairview Mall) but I'm sure all Bays carry them.

              They were also 25% off!

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              1. re: Raquel

                Oh my I was at Fairview today and never bothered to look there.....

                1. re: warlock

                  i saw them at the bay at sherway gardens today.

              2. Sobeys normally carries them. I have seen them at Loblaws in the past also. But definitely the Sobeys near me carries them.

                1. just saw the bailey ones at No Frills (Don Mills/Finch location) yesterday. tempted to buy it but ended up putting it down. lol.

                  1. Not sure if you have a Costco membership but I seen both there yesterday.

                    1. Walmart had them when I went yesterday at $1.88 a pack! I had them in my cart, but left them all there 'coz .. well, didnt really have THAT much of a need for them.

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                      1. I was at the Bay 15 minutes ago (as I work nearby) and saw Kahlua filled chocolates at the concourse level, in the chocolate section.

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                          Sorry I forgot to specify that I saw it at the Eaton Center location. (at Yonge & Queen)

                        2. Just saw Baileys filled chocolates this morning at Business Depot of all
                          places..on sale.

                          1. Thanks Everybody for the suggestions....I finally picked up a few from Zellers at Bridlewood Mall........Infact also picked up a few Jack Daniels (was like a $1.35 for a pack of 6)......