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Specialty Flatware

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I hate to sound retarded but Ive just returned from my annual culinary mecca xmas journey to Manhattan and had the pleasure of dining in several michelin star rated restaurants. I have a question that Im hoping someone can answer without the ridicule I so richly desearve. :-)

This year, for the first time, Ive noted that some specialty flatware has been offered in several of the tasting menus I enjoyed. The piece I am unfamiliar with is brought and placed as a 'spoon' but it is actually a flat piece, almost like a small spatula, and it had a somewhat crudely etched notched edge on the right side near the stem. In every occasion, from Daniel to 11 Madison to Del Posto, the flat surface of the piece looked very well worn or scratched almost, and the notched edge on the lower right side looked to have been almost hand-ground........these pieces did not look factory made. The notched edge seems to be key to the use of this flatware. They were about the size of a large tablesppon, only flat and without a 'bowl' which made them useless as a spoon.

I was at a total loss as to what to use this utensil for........and now Ive forgotten the exact course they appeared with at each place, so Im not sure which dish they were intended for. They came out mid-meal so I know they were not intended for apetizers or dessert. I ate so much and so many varied things last week that I cant tell you if they came with fish courses or meat or pasta........(im on a water diet for the next 3 weeks, but man was it ever worth it!)

I hope Ive described it adequately for someone to recognize and enlighten me as to the proper use. Once again, please forgive my ignorance.

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  1. It sounds interesting but no clue to its purpose. Didn't you consider asking the server? We MUST get over this intimidation :)

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      Yes yes I know but it was too embarrassing to ask a server what the purpose of such a utensil was!!!!! I was trying so hard to be a sofisticated grown up, I couldnt possibly reveal my retardedness in such things.

      Im not sure whether to be thrilled that someone else (presumably you) doesnt know either.........or maybe im just not offering a good enough description of the devise.

    2. Sounds like a seafood spoon. You push the seafood & sauce onto it.

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        Right - I've heard it called a "sauce spoon" - used with the fish course. More discussion of it here:


        Edit - and here:

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          Thats it! Thank You for enlightening me!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. http://foodservice.oneida.com/index.c...

            Tip for searching for a picture is Google Images, BTW