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Dec 28, 2008 07:26 PM

Kosher orange liqueur

Hi all,
Can anyone recommend a brand of kosher orange liqueur (a kosher grand marnier). And also perhaps a place in Brooklyn or all of NYC to purchase it? Thanks all!

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  1. Cointreau made in France and all Drambuie are kosher.

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    1. re: DeisCane

      Je suis tres excited - do you know who provides hashgachah for the Cointreau?

      1. re: szmeterling

        As far as I know there is no hashgacha, but both the London Beth Din and the NSW Kashrut Authority say ALL Cointreau is kosher, even if not made in France.

        1. re: zsero

          Thank you. I have started to look into the org's mentioned and note that NSW/KA appears to rely on the London Beis Din, so they would be the ones to check with for more info. It has been noted elsewhere that the LBD used to state that only Cointreau made in France was kosher, but appear to have dropped that condition.

          As well as the Star K, it appears that the CRC ossurred Cointreau, but CRC's web site no longer mentions it. As well, I note that CRC holds that "Starbucks Cointreau" is kosher even without OU designation on the bottle". Not sure what this product is or if it speaks to the issue but I will continue to seek out info.

          1. re: szmeterling

            There is no such thing as "Starbucks Cointreau". The CRC lists Cointreau as ACCEPTABLE. Starbucks liqueurs are also listed as acceptable, though the White Chocolate flavour is dairy.

            1. re: zsero

              I apologize; I misread the table and misconstrued the product name. Except that now I am even more confused.

              The table in question bears the heading "Brands that bear certification on the label and may be used". All liquers in the table are followed by the relevant hechsher. EXCEPT for Cointreau, which appears in the table but does not specify a hechsher. And, from what I gather in this thread, nobody has seen a bottle of Cointreau with a hechsher. So the CRC is suggesting that Cointreau is kosher???

              In any event, the issue of Cointreau's status appears to revolve about the question as to whether or not grape brandy is used in its manufacture and, if so, what is the heter employed to call it kosher.

              I have emailed the French Consistoire to ask them for clarification, and will report if, and when, I receive a reply.

      2. re: DeisCane

        Per the Star-K, Cointreau is NOT recommended!!!

        Drambuie IS recommeded, however.

        1. re: hanistor

          Add the Chicago Rabbinical Council to those that DO list cointreau as acceptable.

      3. NSW Kashrut Authority lists: Bols Curacao Dry Orange and Triple Sec (but NOT Orange); and Gabriel Boudier Curacao Bleu and Triple Sec. It lists Giffard "Curacao" (no variety given) as NOT acceptable, but see LBD

        London Beth Din lists: Bols Curacao Dry Orange and Triple Sec; Giffard Curacao Bleu (but NOT Orange); Lejay Lagoute Curacao Blue, Green, Orange, and Red. It lists Gabriel Boudier as "information not available".

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        1. re: zsero

          Also, let's not forget Sabra if we forget the chocolate part. :-)

        2. Bartenura makes a line of flavored liquors, Orange and peach are what I remember but there might be more flavors.

          1. So, at this point, I have found a huge number of worldwide kosher lists (see my post) and examined them all for their take on Cointreau. The French authority certifies Cointreau, only when it's made in France. Not had a chance yet to see if Canada's is imported or home made.

            It appears that all others who accept it, are doing so under the aegis of the French. And note that Star K doesn't say it's not kosher...presumably they have no idea so that just don't recommend.

            I wrote an email to the French authority with several questions in admittedly poor French, but a week has passed, and no reply.

            1. Leroux has a triple sec that is unexciting, and a curacao (available in both blue and orange, AFAIK the only difference is coloring agent) that is quite pleasant. All under the O-U.