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Lunch - Naples

Will be taking a day trip to Naples. Would appreciate some guidance for lunch.

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  1. Is there any type of food or particular location or anything to give more guidance? For very casual, one of the best bets is a place called Grouper and Chips. If you are going to be looking at the art galleries and shopping along Fifth, you will have a myriad of options -- Tommy Bahama's has both indoor and outdoor seating and a range of menu options. The beachside hotels and restaurants are a whole different ballgame.

    If you have some time to research, search this board for posts by RevrendAndy, Val, LilMsFoodie. and I apologize if I'm omitting some consistent contributors. Look up the blog "An Insatiable Appetite" on blogspot -- it is a good source for restaurants from Naples through Bonita and up to Ft. Myers and Sanibel.

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      Many thanks. No particular kind of food. Just a casual, easy going place. No hotel stuff -- I'm in the business.

    2. We like Hansome Harrys for lunch. Its a place we will drive to from Fort Myers for lunch once a month or so. We haven't had a bad meal yet.

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        Many thanks, Suzie. Any one else?

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          I've enjoyed Campiello's. Everything has been great. Cafe Lurcat is really good too.
          Same owners I believe, but totally different menus. Making me hungry !

      2. Alexander's at 4077 Tamiami Trail North I believe is still a pretty sure bet...haven't been there in a while because they moved our estate dept. to 5th Ave. South so it's too far to go for lunch now (ugh...ridiculous!) but their lunches were always fabulous...also, USS Nemo's not far from Alexander's for great seafood lunches. Sushi Thai in various locations always pleases for fresh sushi or cooked Thai foods.

        1. For 1 lunch in Naples, i believe sitting outdoors on 3rd St. South eating great food is the way to go. Campiello or Tommy Bahamas would be my choice. I just ate at Tommy's and their pork sandwich is incredible.

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            I've enjoyed all the above restaurants.
            I wish I knew what price range, ambiance etc was desired by Alfred...

            I would add, on 3rd Ave South, Sea Salt, just 30 feet North of Tommy Bahama's-a step up in quality and price, with refreshing Mediterranean food style, sit out front on the patio for great people watching.

            I like a view, so try M Waterfront is a beautiful setting with top food too. Bay House-highly rec'd, with mangrove view. .Charlie Chiang's is north of that, with an outdoor patio on teh river. Without a view, and wonderful are: Bha Bha's is fun Persian. Eurasia on the East Trail is the place for Vietnamese and Italian. That should give you a bunch to check out!

            Happy New Years, Chowhounds!

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              Many thanks. No particular kind of food. Just a casual, easy going place. No hotel stuff -- I'm in the business. Price not a factor.

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              I second the Randy's Fishmarket recmendtn... very yummy and good prices... now THAT's Chowish!

            2. I too will be spending a few days in Naples this month, and am looking for ideas. On the high end, Sea Salt seems hard to beat. On the low end, my reliable source thinks the Dock at Crayton Cove is the place to go. Any comments about these two?

              1. I too will be in Naples later this month, and am interested in information, including for dinner. Sea Salt, mentioned earlier, seems a good possibility on the high end. On the low end (how low is low in Naples?) my trusted source likes the Dock in Crayton Cove. Any comments on these two?

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                  I haven't tried Sea Salt but the menu looks great. The Dock has good food and a great location on the water. It's a fun place for lunch and I recommend it. The food is better at Tommy Bahamas and Campiello, but of course at a little higher price point.

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                    Thanks, Rev . . .
                    Looking forward to that pork sandwich at Tommy Bahamas on Saturday.