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Dec 28, 2008 06:26 PM

restaurants for new years eve and other days with group of 10

We are traveling to NO this week with 10 family members. Mixed group with adults and kids down to 12 years old. Not picky eaters, all love good food. Fist can you recommend a restaurant for New Years Eve, Family friendly. Staying at the Marriott on Canal, but will have car. Also a couple of nights in the Metarie ? area. Need rec's for lunch, breakfast, dinners. How about a good lunch spot on the way to see the Laura and Oak Alley Plantations too? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Cafe Atchafalaya is family friendly.

    Rivershack Tavern is a great lunch spot with fantastic lunch specials, but also good burgers, po boys and fried seafood. On a pretty day, eat outside.
    Rivershack is located on River Rd. near the Huey P. Long bridge. If you are taking this bridge to the plantations, then this may be a good start or stop to your trip.

    Both Jacques Imo's (dinner) and Crabby Jack's (lunch) are family friendly and serve a wide variety that would allow for everyone to find something they like.
    Be sure to make reservations at Jaques Imo's. Crabby Jack's is located at 428 Jefferson Hwy.

    Another good Metairie restaurant for a large crowd is Mr. Ed's on Live Oak.

    New Year's Eve may be a bit harder, as reservations may be tough to get this late. Check with your hotel concierge.

    Have Fun!