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Dec 28, 2008 05:29 PM

Charleston SC Super Fresh Seafood Rec's

I will be visiting the Charleston area over New Years with family and love nothing more than hitting the funky seafood places that serve fresh off the boat fish, shellfish or whatever. We have a car. Really anything within an hour of town would be great, as long as it's about the FRESH seafood. The threads I have read seem to be 6 or 7 years old so I am hoping for an update. I would prefer a simple place but am open minded. Thanks for your assistance!

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  1. The Wreck (of the Richard and Charlene) is made for you. It's located in Mt. Pleasant just across the Ravenel Bridge ( on Shem Creek. The seafood is fresh, the restaurant is as funky as you wanna be and the surrounding neighborhood is Old South beautiful. I always stroll the neighborhood after dinner there.

    No credit cards. Cash or check only (not sure if they take out of state checks).

    Link to their site:

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      Thanks, checked out the menu online [gotta love technology] and that is certainly in our wheelhouse. Can you recommend something that is open for lunch?

      1. re: havechowwilltravel

        SeeWee Restaurant ( north of Mt. Pleasant on US 17. Out in the countryside. They take plastic.

        1. re: Cpt Wafer

          One of the most horrible meals I've had in Charleston County was at the SeeWee Restaurant. Teeny, tiny portions that you pay double the price you should be paying. Quality of food is no better than any other local joint. Certainly not worth the effort.

          Now, the place stays busy. I'm not really sure why (except it really is the only restaurant between Mt. Pleasant and McClellenville) other than it having some sort of novelty appeal. I really can't stress how mediocre this place is...and boy is it expensive.

          1. re: JayL

            Well, the OP said they were looking for something funky and SeeWee certainly qualifies. I've always been at lunch and the portions seemed large enough and the seafood was fresh and well prepared.

            1. re: Cpt Wafer

              Maybe they treat locals differently?

              It's been a while, but the best I can remember...I paid $12+ for a three seafood combination. I do however remember vividly what my plate contained. I had three (3) fried, tail on shrimp (maybe 30-40 count with the heads on), two (2) fried oysters, and a flounder fillet that looked to be around three (3) ounces (certainly no more than a maximum of 4 oz.). That, to me, was not worth the price. What I received was a $7.50-$9 plate.

              I also remember a lady next to us ordering the soft shell crabs. I don't remember the price, but I seem to think it was near or just above the $20 mark. I was expecting at least three crabs on her plate. She only got two.

              The seafood indeed seemed to be fresh, but we'll disagree yet again on preparation. There are a few basic rules to follow when frying seafood. The frying technique there was lacking. The taste of the seafood itself was really good.

              Everyone has their opinion and their own experiences. Glad your's has been better than mine.

              1. re: JayL

                That is a shame you had a bad experience at SeeWee. We've been eating there for years and it is always good.

                As far as super fresh seafood, nothing but oysters right now because the local waters are too cold. Local fish has to be running in order for it to be caught.

                1. re: BlueHerons

                  While not peak season, there is still some local seafood available other than oysters. I had some great local flounder at Huck's Lowcountry Table this weekend. The fishermen on the pier near where I live still seem to be able to reel in a few fish as well. Also, I don't think the DNR has closed the commercial shrimp season yet, but they will before the end of January.

                  1. re: Low Country Jon

                    Yes, forgot flounder is being caught in the tidal estuaries.

    2. FIG always has some of the best, freshest ingredients in town. I wasn't a fan of fish in general until I tried their grouper a few years ago. Really top notch.

      Also, it's more expensive, but the staff at McCrady's, is damn near obsessive about their ingredients.

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      1. re: DavidHeiser

        Thanks David, I made NYE reservations a few weeks ago for Fig and am looking forward to it based on what I have read. I also bookmarked your site to peruse when time allows. We may have to stop into the bar at McCrady's and take look around if we wander by. I am pretty good at steering the group.

        1. re: havechowwilltravel

          Great to hear! How did your NYE meal at FIG go?

          - DH
 - One Charleston College Student's Guide to Food and Film

      2. Sublime, all of us [4] enjoyed every morsel and if it hadn't been a nice place my brother and I were eyeballing the dessert left on the table next to us by a very nice young couple that might have been a little over their head [why did they put these 2 beef bones on our plates and what's that stuff in them] there. Cooler heads [namely our wives] prevailed.

        1. I eat at the Noisy Oyster when I'm in Charelston

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            Is that place decent? How do the oysters compare to Pearlz? I haven't tried it because it is on the Market, and I lump it in with all the other tourists establishments.

            1. re: tennreb

              Noisy Oyster = Bubba Gump / Hyman's / A.W. Shucks. Not good.